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First GiveAway of 2010! And find out how to get your recipe published in my next cookbook!

WOW it is somekinda chilly here this morning.  Its a little after 6 a.m. and the mercury says its 22F and it “feels like” 14F.  What does that mean?  Is it 22 or is it 14?  Even the little birdies are trying to stay warm!

n1558315783_140922_5164I will have to check their feeders today.  And put out some warmer water for them.  I am sure there is not a drop of water outside that isn’t frozen.

I hope you can all manage to stay warm today – being inside will likely be your best bet!  While you are in sipping your hot beverage, why not leave me a comment and consider yourself entered in the first GiveAway of 2010!  Yep!  You heard me!  Tell me about your very favorite winter beverage and leave me the recipe if you like.  What’s the prize you ask?  Oh, there is more than one prize!! You can win one of these:


Cool huh?  I have just a couple of copies left of each and I want two of you to have them! I will draw for them next Friday! Feel free to share this on your own blog if you like!

Now, about the other brainstorm I had! How about a Friends of NotQuiteJuneCleaver cookbook! Sound like fun??? Yeah, I thought so too! I will give you more details as I get them finalized.  The title of the book is “Friends of NotQuiteJuneCleaver Cook!” You know you want to join me in this project!  Here are the things I do know for sure:

  • I need you and your help/input/recipes if this is going to happen!
  • each recipe will bear the name of the person submitting it
  • photos of the recipe are welcome – color please! (used at my discretion)
  • photos of you are welcome as well :) how about in your favorite apron?
  • recipes need to be tried and true and double/triple checked for accuracy please
  • you may submit more than one recipe if they are in different categories (example: a cookie, a casserole, a side)
  • contributors will be able to buy as many copies as you wish at cost plus shipping – naturally the more pages, the more it will cost but I will keep it below $20US before shipping (this isn’t a commercial project for me) I will be donating my time putting it together
  • since I have set a $$ limit this means a page limit so as soon as you have all the info, get your recipes/photos/info in!
  • recipes from places other than the US are MORE THAN welcome, but please give US measurements along with your usual measurements.

Does this sound like fun or what!? I will be posting all the particulars on how to submit your recipes, photos, deadlines  etc by next Friday in a separate post from the giveaway post. I would love to have this project ready for your consumption by Mother’s Day 2010.  Can we do this?  Let’s do our best!  I will be working on two other cookbooks along with this one, so your contributions are essential.  If you don’t participate, it won’t happen!

Let’s start 2010 off with some fun!

And why don’t you join us over at the NotQuiteJuneCleaver Forums!


Bienvenue 2010!


(Me and Jerry IF I were thin & blond.  Wait, I don’t think anyone will ever see Jerry in a striped bow tie.  Or a red sweater for that matter. Nevermind, but I do like this pic. :) )

It makes me feel pretty good to get a post done on the first day of this new year.  I have been too busy to even think of posting!  Rachel and I have baked up a storm the past month.  She has done some amazing food art as well as some tasty stuff and we are both pretty pooped.  The tree is down, the lights are put away, most of the decorations are packed and Jerry is making ciabatta to go with the HUGE venison ham he smoked last night. He will braise it today and then add ‘taters and carrots for our supper.  Oldest daughter and her husband will be here for supper and Rachel is whipping him up a birthday cake today.  Yellow cake with chocolate icing.  YUM.  We have fireworks for after dark and hopefully will see and get some pictures of the almost full moon.  It was too cloudy and rainy last night.

Along with the rest of the world I have some “ideas” about “things I want to accomplish” in 2010.  No resolutions for me.  President Bush ruined the word “resolve” for me.  I almost can’t speak it.  And since resolution to me means “to resolve to be resolute” about something/anything.  Well let us just go with “ideas to accomplish”.  How’s that for over thinking things?  But I do hate it when semi-talented speech writers ruin a whole set of word/phrases for me.  So here’s my list:

  • Stop over thinking things.
  • Sew more.
  • Garden more.
  • Write more.
  • Simplify my space.
  • Continue to lose weight until I reach my goal weight of 130.  And keep it off. (I am proud of the 26# I have shed and only gained back 2# over the holidays – YAY for me!)
  • Eat more green foods.  Not dyed green.  Originally green.
  • Bake more bread.  But eat less of it.
  • Finish cookbook #2 of the NotQuiteJuneCleaver cookbooks.
  • Prioritize my commitments and learn to say no when I need to.  Or when I want to.
  • Spend much more time outdoors.
  • Grow at least 50 different herbs.  One for every one of my years.
  • Start a “story of me” journal.  Writing down childhood memories when they come to me.  I am very lax in doing this and since I am the oldest member of my very very small family, I need to do this for posterity’s sake. There is no one else to do it.  My mom had a mind like a steel trap.  I didn’t inherit that gift so I need to write down what I do remember, when I remember before it is lost forever.
  • Clean out my closet!!!
  • Be kinder and gentler with the people I love.
  • Stop being bashful about my political views.  I live in a country where up until recently, it was perfectly fine to voice them.
  • Quit being vague about my religious beliefs when asked.  And around here you are asked often.  When asked where I go to church stop saying “I don’t.” and leaving it at that.  It’s okay to be different.  It’s okay not to believe and think like anyone else.  I have as much chance of being right (or wrong) as anyone.  If people no longer “like” me because of my beliefs, then they are likely not practicing their own religion very well.
  • Speak my truth, even if my voice shakes.
  • Look harder for my gifts. And when I find them, use them.
  • Be the same person with everyone.  And I mean EVERYONE.  Basically, be me.  I am 50 now, so being anything else seems even more ridiculous.
  • Think before I speak.
  • Walk it off.
  • Hold my anger till it is mild discomfort.  This does NOT apply if someone does something to one of my loved ones.  Then, as usual, there are no rules, no boundaries, and absolutely no mercy.
  • Spend at least one week, 7 days, in Vermont and New Hampshire.
  • Continue with my nap schedule.  Which is “sleep when I need to”.
  • Tone down my language.  This will be very difficult as I believe they are “just words” and frankly, have never met one I couldn’t figure out how to use in a swear.  Does that surprise some of you?  I figured it did ;) Some of you just can’t believe I admitted it!  Or maybe I will just learn them in a different language.  That might be easier.
  • Continue to learn more British slang.  Those Brits do have a way with words.  You would think they invented the English language or something.  First thing I have to figure out how to use the phrase “up the duff” in a real situation.  It is my new fave.  Thanks Cherry for that one.

    That should do it for now.  If I think of anything else I will let you know.  I just asked Jerry if he had any “ideas” for 2010.  And he says ” Nope.  Don’t you remember?”  I said “Remember what?”  - “I’m perfect.”  Oh yeah, I had forgotten that.  Yes, I am using his REAL name now…why not?  Most of you know who I am, where I am and who I live with.

    Happy first day of 2010!  May we all have 364 more happy ones.  Or at least no real, real sad ones.

    Ever the realist,


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