Go Green & Say NO to Plastic!

I told you I would have some ideas and a giveaway!  Meant to get this up yesterday but weather was a priority and I just didn’t get it finished!

Here’s the rub: TRY to reduce your NEW plastic purchases this month.  I said TRY!  This is going to be one of those things where we all have to take baby steps.  I know I will.  I still forget my reusable grocery sacks too often! Plus there are things that will always be packaged in plastic, and hopefully it is recyclable.  It’s that disposable plastic that is so regrettable and preventable.  And then there is the toxicity factor that I do not know enough about to write anything worth reading I am afraid to say.  But it IS something I will we looking into.  That I promise you.

To enter to win TWO of these lovely glass refrigerator dishes like you see below, simply leave me a comment about what you are going to do to try and reduce your plastic purchases.  New ideas are welcome!  Take a peek to the right at all the cool items I found for reducing your need to carry plastic for your lunch etc.  And great replacements for  the plastic you use now. Click on the pictures and you will be taken to the purchase area at  Easy Peasy!


I have several sizes in these glass refrigerator dishes and I LOVE THEM!  LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!  Now this little green giveaway will be a quicky so don’t dilly dally around.  Get your name in by leaving a comment and idea if you have one.  Or just your pledge to TRY to reduce your plastics.  I will draw the winner this Saturday at noon so you have until then.  But hey, Sunday when you venture over to see who won, guess what!  Another giveaway!  Not kidding.   This will be a Valentine themed giveaway with recipes and a product to win, so stay tuned!  Yummy stuff coming up!

Thanks so much for the time you spend here and know I do appreciate your comments and encouragement.  Have a lovely evening and try to stay warm!

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shelby logsdon

I plan to buy more stainless steel cups/plates for kid to use! Love the glass containers!

Erica Ferguson

One of the ways that I am trying to reduce plastic is by making my own salad dressings and sauces. I store them in my canning jars in the fridge. I love the glass refrigerator dishes!

Okay. I am up for the challenge. Just yesterday, I made freezer jam and used canning jars, glass ones, instead of the new plastic. Also, I am going to reduce the ziplock bags I use for lunch goodies and make some re-usable snack bags. Oh, yes, this means buying some kitschy oil cloth. 🙂 Here is a tutorial I have found. I included your giveaway on my sidebar. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


I just saw this post on Facebook & I’m so glad you’re sharing these cute lil containers. I wished my cupboards were full of these as I know plastic is NOT good for us even though they are reusable. I want to start depleating my plastic & converting over to glass such as these! My mom had seen a show where they were saying to look out for the recycled # symbol on the bottom of plastic…the # inside the little triangle. If it’s 5 or below, it’s pretty safe for use, so the lower the better. And if it’s 6 or higher DO NOT BUY IT’S VERY TOXIC! I was shocked and am always aware now when purchasing.

As you mentioned with reusable bags…we use a lot of those too when shopping. I’m getting better at remembering they are in the trunk before I enter the store LOL I do however reuse the plastic bags as our garbage bags in the kitchen rather than buying more plastic bags. I’m more fond of paper as when I get home the food is still “in” the bags and not all over my trunk lol and this is where I love using the cloth resuable bags!

Thanks for sharing the links to the right…I never thought of metal containers for reusing. I thought hey I’m doing well by packing the kids lunches in reusable sandwich plastic containers vs baggies everyday & we don’t use lunchsacks so I guess I’m half way there! My daughter & I were just looking at ice cube trays last night & she says, “Mom there’s no # at all on these.” So we definitely didn’t buy them & they were nice too! I’m definitely thinking of going back to the metal trays now!

Thanks again for sharing & good luck everyone!



I have changed over to using my own cloth bags for groceries but like you I sometimes forget them. When that happens I always choose the paper over plastic from the grocer. I have tried to do away with plastic storage but haven’t figured out what to use in place have ziploc bags for the freezer. Any ideas?
Would love to be entered in your drawing and I am checking out the things from Amazon so I can go more green! Love those ice cube trays. 🙂

I vow to reduce my plastics but maybe i can use maybe a few bag from like xmas gifts and put my vegs and fruit in. and i can Double up on things in my plastics they have to take it out to weigh it all and price but it will save the cost in the end to the Earth.

This has been on my mind alot lately …. and have actually started switching over to glass, I have been keeping my totes close to the front door and some in my car so they are ready to go shopping, and I have been making quilted totes ( actually had a giveaway on my blog a couple years ago of a quilted tote ! ) . We do recycle what we do use, BUT I have been making it a point to buy products with recyclable packaging when shopping.

It has been my own little ‘game’ to see how little of garbage I can set out for the garbage man….and I like the feeling of ‘winning’ THAT game !

Would LOVE to win a set of the refrigerator dishes… GREAT idea, and thanks for spreading the word !



I got into “the movement” several years ago when my community installed the BIG dumpsters for recycling. We do paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass. It so reduces land fill trash!!
I keep a “neighborhood” can by my garage door for anyone to use for recycling that I then drive to the dumpster along with my own. A couple neighbors do use it!! and I’ve been know to “stop the car” and pick up cardboard boxes to take to the dumpster.
It all helps!!
As my daughter says-“you don’t ever use plastic Momma-you go to your pyrex museum for food storage”. Ha!

I am going to use my shopping bags more religiously. I am also going to purchase more of my products that can be refilled in its original container. I will look for items at garage sales to recycle instead of buying new. I will reuse my ziplocks.

Katrinia Monroe

To decrease my purchase of new plastic, I bought reusable water bottles that I can carry anywhere. I also reuse the plastic grocery bags that I currently have to wrap unused glass wear to prevent breakage. I have reusable grocery bags to keep my items cold or warm until they get home. I would love to own one of these beautiful glass refrigerator dishes so I can further reduce my use of plastic. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

I hope to reduce plastic purchases in the produce aisle by trying to visit a local farmers market for items like berries,farmers market vendors will often want to reuse the baskets they display items in and will put your items in a brown paper bag if you ask them. that said..I’d love a chance at reducing plastic usage in my refrigerator..sign me up!

Sue Miller

Hi, What about going back to something June Cleaver would use….waxed paper. Time to wean ourselves away from plastic wrap, the first thing we usually grab.

The first step for me is using the cloth shopping bags. As many others, I often forget to grab them before I head out, or leave them in my vehicle when I go in to shop. If I do get plastic shopping bags, I always use them as garbage liners in my bathroom. Lastly, and my favorite one, I use Klean Kanteen water bottles. Or occassionally a CamelBak one. I always carry one with me, and refill it wherever I can. If I stop at convenience stores needing water, I just fill up from the water spout on the pop machine.
Question though…..I have lots of Tupperware. And I love it. I don’t want to part with it. How do you think that plays in to plastic use?

Those dishes are lovely. My husband and I always have 3-5 reusable bags for groceries in our car, plus for x-mas last year he got me a handy little nylon bag the folds in on itself that I can keep in my purse. We take a cue from offices and dump our smaller garbage into a larger bag so we aren’t stuffing plastic into plastic as much as possible.

We always reuse our glass jars. Spaghetti jars are great for drinks and storing stews I make in my crockpot, especially the mason jars. We brew our own iced tea and reuse old plastic lemonade jugs to store it and or make our own Arnold Palmers. We also reuse water bottles and have some of those nifty recycled cups with lids to take our tea with us to work.

As far as plastic containers that can’t be helped we save them and use them for organizing things in our cupboards, like medicine bottles and tea packages. My husband also reuses them to make miniature towns for his GI Joes and other film projects he does as a hobby.

Finally, we never buy new, unless it is food. Value Village is awesome!

Nicole that is a very interesting question. I think the point of all the “no plastic” – or at least it is for me ~ to be sure it is safe, non toxic and recyclable. I was very happy to learn today that the lower the number in the little triangle the better. I didn’t know that. I just knew they have to be recycled differently. I don’t have any tupperware but I do have rubbermaid containers that I do not plan on getting rid of anytime soon. Having said all that, IF I read tomorrow that rubbermaid is toxic, then of course I would re-think my position. Like I said, baby steps. My first order of business is REMEMBERING my grocery bags! Let me do that consistently then I might have something else to add!


I recycle everything I can. I have probably about a third of the garbage that I used to have each week. Have been using reusable tote bags for the past few years. Use them for everything from grocery shopping, farmers market shopping, transporting Christmas gifts or foods to parties, even use them window shopping on vacation. I leave them in my car so I always have them with me. I use mostly glass or metal anymore and reusable containers for storage. I even wash and re-use different sized jars from things I’ve bought. Pickle jars work great to refrigerate left over soup I’ve made. I even take soup to my sister in jars I’ve cleaned. The glass bowls you’re showing look fantastic!

Sara S

I have a cabinet full of the plastic junk that has got to go! I need to use something safer for my family and better for the world. I will try to stop getting bottled water at the store, and use less plastic wrap as well.

Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

Ooooh, I just thunk of something I need to make! “shower caps” for my bowls that don’t have lids! Oilcloth or simply cotton?

I already do my best to reduce the plastic we buy.

I always re-purpose our plastic bags. I bring the with me each time I shop and then they get used for other things as well. I try to recycle as much as possible! Great giveaway Susan!

I have the cloth bags and keep a set in my car. I have made several bags from scrap material, so I have several extra to keep in the car. Franny


I’ve been working at reducing my use of plastic for awhile now, but your blog post got me to thinking about the plastic containers that I use for refrigerating leftovers. I’m now thinking of replacing those with glass or stainless steel, but it will be a process over time, according to how the budget can accommodate new replacements. The “green” options cost a wee bit more than plastic.
One of the ways that I’ve reduced the plastic use in general is that I don’t put my produce in the plastic bags at the store if at all possible. If I’m buying 4 or 5 oranges, I’ll just put them in the cart, not in a produce bag. It’s not hard to just place them individually on the belt at the check-out counter and then they go into the bag loose, and all is well. However, if I’m buying several pounds of potatoes, bagging them up is a better option, as I’m sure the person at the check-out wouldn’t love me too much if they had to contend with potatoes rolling everywhere.
Thanks for getting me to think even more about how I can reduce the use of plastics. This is a really good thing to consider.

I have 3 of the glass refrigerator containers and love them too. Great giveaway!

Susan… I love to use wax paper… or parchment paper for wrapping food… it looks so homey … yet elegant… and I have small glass bowls for putting food in the fridge.

I will this week though look for other areas to not use plastic……and put me in please for the give away!

Hugs and no plastic
Victoria in Houston


I love glass containers and these look especially nice, like the refrigerator containers from the fifties. Another great option are canning jars, they work well for storing rice, dried beans and the like.

When I saw the glass refridgerator bowl it reminded me of that was used BEFORE plastic. I remember my mother having a set of different sizes and colors that were manufactured by Pyrex. I’d say in the 1950s era. She still has them plus a few more that she has picked up at thrift stores. I notice that Victoria has mentioned canning jars. Since I do very little canning anymore (diabetic, can’t eat peaches) and I have rodents move in when it gets cold outside, before anything goes in my cupboards it is put into a glass jar. And I think it looks nice, especially since I live in the country. I even have things like Bisquick, pancake mix, you name it, it’s in a jar, maybe several! I turn the lids upside down and use a Sharpie to label it if it’s a flour-like product or sugar subsititute. Sorry, didn’t mean to write my own mini-blog here LOL

Michelle don’t you dare apologize! I love the comments and ideas. Long or short. I have lots of pyrex too. Mostly pie dishes and casseroles. But will collecting more. I much prefer using glass over metal even in the oven. I will try to take some pictures of my Pyrex collection 🙂


I love these little dishes…I hate plastic…can’t ever find the right lid. I’m going to send it all to recycle and hit the store (even antique)to find these and use them. I have one that belonged to my grandmother…I love’s in the china cabinet!! WhAT The HEck! she was still using it when she passed what am I saving it for!! I’m going to start using it…but only handwash ’cause she didnt have a dish washer and the thing still looks great!

Hi, just finished baking your baguette recipe. Yum! I plan on stocking up on glass food storage containers like these.


I will definately be making more of a conscious effort to reduce my plastic purchases. :o)


I have been moving away from plastic for a few years now due to health issues. I am like everyone else, always leaving the canvas bags in the back
of my SUV. I use a BPA free water bottle to take my water to work but still
have some plastic that I use to carry my lunch to work. Would like to learn
about alternatives to that problem and need to do some research on that.
Love the glass containers and your interest in this issue.