Recipe & Review No. 2 from Mom ‘s Very Best Recipes – Chicken Tortilla Soup – YUMMY!!


  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 2 cups cooked chicken, diced
  • 2 – 15 ounce diced tomatoes drained
  • 1 – 16 ounce can corn, drained
  • 1 – 16 ounce pinto or red beans drained and rinsed
  • 1 1/3 cup salsa
  • 2 TBSP taco seasoning mix
  • Garnish: sour cream, shredded Mexican blend cheese, corn or tortilla chips

Combine all ingredients except garnish in stockpot over medium heat.  Simmer, covered for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Top individual portions with desired garnishes.  Serves 6-8.

I have to tell you this was some fine soup!  I loved it.  Another winner from Gooseberry Patch’s Mom’s Very Best Recipes

Best of luck – I wish you could all win!  However since that’s not possible, as soon as we all congratulate the winner on February 21 , and if you are not that lucky duck, zip over to Gooseberry Patch and get yourself a copy of Mom’s Very Best Recipes .  Oh heck ~ go ahead and order several – they make great gifts for all your foodie friends.  Now leave me a comment and get your name in.

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Okay…getting my name in again!! 🙂 Gooseberry Patch is the BEST!!

Hayley Locke

That look so good too. I’d love that cookbook.


Thank you so much for this opportunity!! Tortilla Soup just got added to my menu for next week… looks delicious!! I would love to win a copy of this GBP cookbook!!

Wow, great minds and all that. I made a Tortilla Soup yesterday for our supper too. Yours looks fantastic Susan! What a great book! xxoo


Another GB winner!! I love this soup, you can add just about anything you like to it! I’d love to add this cookbook to my collection! 🙂


This soup looks really tasty. It is definitely soup weather in Indiana. Thanks
for sharing.


This is just what a grandmother like me needs to feed 2 hungry little grandsons! They (and I) will surely love it! Thanks for sharing this!

Oh, yum! I need to make this. 🙂

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM looks so good

Shelly Virtue

I’m thinkin’ I just may have to make some of this soup this weekend! Gooseberry Patch is great.

That sounds really good… I am going to make it soon!

Judy W

Will have to make this one soon! Looks really good!!!


That looks delicious. Would love to win.

Sherry Pate

I make a similar soup. This one sounds fantastic! I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!

Nancy Swecker

Thanks for including me in the drawing! This recipe sounds soooo good!


Yum!! That looks really good. Love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!!

Cathy B

My husband and I love chicken tortilla soup but always have to go out for some really good soup…this recipe looks delicious!! and can’t wait to try it at home.

I also made this and it was DELICIOUS! I just adore GOOSEBERRY PATCH..I would love to add these books to my collection and be able to share recipes with my friends and family thousands of miles away!

Me too, me too! sounds delish….our family will love this

Julia F.

Looks easy…I will definitely try it.

Sheri E

I made this and it was GREAT!!!


I’d love to add this cookbook to my collection!

Sue Klapper

Sounds delicious!! Thanks so much for making this offer. I would LOVE the cookbook.

Rhonda Darbro

I love Gooseberry Patch! This sounds yummy! Am going to try it tomorrow.

Beth Tourtellotte

Looks like I will be making soup tomorrow…thanks for the recipe 🙂

just marilyn

Can’t wait to try this recipe. Good weather for it here in Michigan. Would love to win the cookbook.

Diane W

This sounds yummy! I really wanted an easy chicken tortilla soup recipe!
I would love to have this cookbook!

Prudence Lay

Looks like a winner to me!

This sounds great and simple to make. If I had chicken broth, I’d make it tonight!!

Linda Hill
Lois Golden

Soup looks wonderful, I’m on WW so think this will be a new one that works for me.

Lori T.

Chicken Tortilla Soup is my favorite!

kim,love gooseberry patch!

Paula Stewart

sounds good, & it is still cool enough in Las Vegas to be making soup. I would love this cook book..


Looks Yummy! Thanks for giving me a chance to win this cookbook! 🙂


Love GBP…can’t wait to try this soup. Would also love to win the cookbook. Hope you will enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

I need another GB cookbook to add to my collection! Now time for tortillia soup!

Mary D Ellsworth

Looking forward to trying this wonderful sounding recipe really soon!

Linda L. Seidel

Definitely making this chicken tortilla soup this week! Looks easy and delicious!

Jillybean in KS

This looks like a very yummy recipe and one that won’t take too long to prepare. Thanks for letting your readers have this recipe.


Would love to add this wonderful Gooseberry Patch Cookbook to my collection!



Please throw in my name to win this cookbook. I would love it.

Renee M.

This sounds great, although it’s sunny here in the NW, it’s pretty chilly outside still! Thanks GBP!

Mary Jo Myers

Looks great. Think I’ll try it this week. Soup is good for a snowy day.

Bev Ebersole

Sounds like a great soup for a snowy day.