Well February is blowing in! And a challenge.

WOW what wind we are having this morning! Crazy!


Not having fun this morning weather-wise.  Tornado just 7 miles north of here.  YUCK!  But seems the worst is over and we will just try to stay warm now 🙂

Now I have a GREEN challenge for you for February.  Oh, don’t think this is all that’s going on for February but this is the first of many announcements that you won’t want to miss!

I am borrowing an idea from Rodale so don’t think I am a green genius or anything.  Let’s all celebrate PLASTIC FREE FEBRUARY. Three Simple Rules.

  1. No buying or acquiring new plastic.
  2. No cooking or storing food in plastic.
  3. Minimize all plastic usage.

I will be posting something new and interesting pertaining to this challenge again tomorrow so please check back!  In the meantime try and think of just one plastic thing you can eliminate today.

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Wow that’s a hard oone!!! I can’t find milk in glass…I have cut out water bottles though. We do use a lot of plastic!!! EEEKKKK!!


You could get milk in a paper carton 🙂 We even have glass milk bottles here in Podunkville! What’s up with that!? I don’t ever store anything but my fresh veggies in plastic. I use those green bags that keep your fresh stuff fresh. And they do really work. But I reuse them over and over. Just wash and dry. I do use ziplocs too but will refrain from buying any this month and will use my glass containers. One thing I use a lot of is plastic wrap. But won’t buy any of it either. I will use what I have though. I will have to really watch myself at the grocery. You don’t realize what all is in plastic! But I don’t drink out of plastic. Don’t eat out of plastic. Don’t reuse plastic containers unless it is liquid detergent containers or something like that which I reuse. We have no opportunity to recycle refuge. So I have to do my part this month by not adding to the problem. It’s not going to be easy!

Yikes! No plastic? Can I still use my little plastic containers for lunch? I need some ideas. I don’t use a lot of plastic, but when you make me conscious of what I do have, it is more than I thought. I will not buy more, I will not store in plastic – does the pyrex with plastic lids count? I never, ever cook in plastic so I am covered there. Stay safe. The same storm is dumping a lot of snow on Missouri – up to 18 inches by the end of the day and we are nearly a third of the way there right now. Soup is on and cornbread in the making. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Kelly! Hey girlfriend!!!! I will have some ideas – working on them now. ALSO…a giveaway pertaining to this! Working on that too! Fun, fun, fun in the snow…doesn’t rhyme does it? YIKES 18″ –

Look out for more info on SAYING NO TO PLASTIC!

Susan…Love this idea… and will have no problem doing this… I detest anything plastic! Yucko!

Love and plastic free as can be
in Houston

Okay, we have almost eliminated plastic grocery bags here. I prefer to buy things not encased in plastic. But leftovers go into Glad or Rubbermaid containers. I don’t have any small glass containers to put leftovers in!!! Help!

We usually buy sodas in cans, beers in glass and we have full recycling here. And do we recycle!