Gardening Update

Yesterday was a beautiful day for working outside with Jerry.  Today will be just as busy but I will add sunscreen to my list of preparations.  Never even thought of it since it is still March and there was a cool breeze in the morning.  I am pretty much burnt :/ Much better this morning but it was pretty uncomfortable last night.  I know better.  Was just really excited about getting out and doing some planting.  Jerry got everything set up for me to do the window boxes while he tilled my herb beds.

tillingI had a helper all day.  Julius made every step I made – – – –


– just need to rest every now and then 🙂


The past two days we (mostly Jerry) have accomplished much.  A few of the tomatoes planted.  All of the bell peppers.  Pole beans and cucumbers planted.  The greenhouse plants set in new pots or in the beds.


The corn/pumpkin patch is ready for topsoil that will be delivered this morning and as soon as Jerry gets it spread he will plant the corn.  Ruby Queen, Early Extra Sweet and Ambrosia.


And as you can see Spring has officially sprung in our little corner of the world.  It just makes you feel like getting out and playing in the dirt. I love the smell of freshly tilled soil.  Yeah, the pollen gets to me. But I do love seeing the porch covered in pots of flowers and herbs,

porchthe trees all leafed out and smell the wisteria the minute you step outside.


Happy Gardening!

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What a lovely garden. I found peace just looking at your pictures!

Susan…….Your land and gardens is so beautiful…I can see why you love it so!

Happy gardening
Victoria in Houston

So beautiful. Julius is quite the creative napper!

I’d love to have a yard/garden that looks like that – just without the hard work. 🙂

I love the cat “resting” picture 🙂

Even though I only have a patio, I’ve had on my list every weekend for about a month to get out there, clean it up and get some pots for the planters (love the poll with the askew pots by the way). Alas, all we’ve gotten here recently is rain, rain and more rain. Maybe next weekend.

What a lovely garden you have Susan. I know they are a lot of work, but they are so pretty when everything is growing and blooming. Well worth the effort! Oh I wish we could grow good corn over here. I think it is just too wet! Love the cat! How sweet! xxoo

Oh so pretty! I’m plotting and planning now. We are close to freezing after a couple of days earlier this week in the 80’s! Springtime in NC!

Wow I love love love your garden. I’m glad I found your blog I will be having a good read! Enjoy your spring.