Gooseberry Patch’s Quick & Easy Autumn Recipe 1: Simmered Eggs in Tomatoes

Look, seriously, the only way this recipe could be quicker or easier is if someone fed you!  It was delicious!  I have wanted to try something like this for a long time.  I saw a recipe being made once on a cooking show, a Middle Eastern dish, and this is very similar only WAY easier!  And the gluten free version was just as easy – use gluten free bread for your toast!

Simmered Eggs in TomatoesSimmered Eggs in Tomatoes

  • 2 T olive oil
  • 1 cup stewed tomatoes, cut up (I had some in my freezer from last Summer YAY!)
  • 1 /2 cup onion, chopped
  • 4 eggs
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • buttered toast

Heat oil in skillet over low heat.  Place tomatoes and onion in oil.  Cook 5 minutes.  Drop eggs into skillet, one at a time; add salt and pepper. Cover and simmer until eggs are cooked through as desired.  Serve hot on buttered toast.  Makes 2 servings (4 for us).

I have to say again, it is going to be really REALLY difficult to pick the 6 recipes to share.  I have about 3 dozen marked!!  So excited to share this book with you all!  Now leave me a comment and enter to win this great new book from our friends at Gooseberry Patch!


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Dana Aguero

I would love to add this cookbook to my collection!! Recipe looks so yummy

Love gooseberry patch. Would love to win the cookbook.

I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, and would love to add this one to my collection. Thanks for all your great products!! Love them.

I love gooseberry patch.

Jenn Kennedy

I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks & it would be a blessing to add this cookbook to our home! 🙂 Thanks for this yummy breakfast recipe! I can’t wait to try it out with my sons!! :O)


Looks delicious! Would love to win the cookbook!

Charlene Guffin

I don’t own any Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, although I bought one for my daughter at Christmas–i wanted to keep it. I can’t wait to start my collection.


My friend told me about the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. LOVE it. Awesome recipes. I love the quick and easy ones. This would be a great start to my collection.


Would love to add this book to my collection…Gooseberry’s fall and autumn books are my very favorite and this one looks just as good too!

Mindy Wolfe

I absolutely would love to get this cookbook.

Karen Ballard

This looks wonderful!! Fall is my very favorite time of year and can’t wait to whip up some wonderful fall recipes from this lovely book, if I am fortunate enough to win!

Bev Klincko

Can’t wait to try this!! Looks so yummy!

Linda Babcock

Love Gooseberry recipes…..everyone I’ve used has been wonderful. If I win the book, I’ll make something special for my granddaughter whose name is Autumn!!


I LOVE Gooseberry Patch, and autumn – would love to add this book to my collection. 🙂


I would LOVE to win this book. It looks like some fun reading! Please enter me. Thanks! =D

Erin Parker

Please enter me. I love GBP.

I’d like to say I’m now the proud owner of 3 Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. Just luv the recipes. Would luv to own this one also.

Arevena Nirote

I have several Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. I love the easy recipes and I’ve given them as gifts to family and friends. I would love to add this cookbook to my collection! Keep the ideas and cookbooks coming. . .

Sally Ashby

I own several Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and absolutely love them. I’ve given several away as birthday and/or Christmas gifts. I don’t have this particular book, but I’d sure love to own it.

Would love to have my very first Gooseberry Patch book!

Crystal Willich

Love, love, love Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks! Thanks for sharing these recipes!

Karen G

I LOVE Gooseberry Patch books. Would love to try and win this one. Thanks for the chance.

I have shelves and shelves of recipe books. I simply LOVE them but some more than others. Gooseberry Patch are right up there with my favorites!! I would love to add this new one to my collection. I may need a support group but I love my addiction!!

Nell Schneider

I love Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks! Have tried MANY recipes and love each one. I would love to add a new cookbook to my collection

I love these cookbooks and I love your blog!


I think you are most definitely June Cleaver!! Thanks for sharing your recipes!! Love your blog!! :o)

Since my only granddaughter is named AUTUMN, I want to win this cookbook!


These are my favorite cookbooks. Thanks for sharing the recipe!