Strength and Hope

When I first started reading blogs I found Cherry Menlove online.  What an inspiration she was.  Living a life a was a bit envious of, if only in the back of my mind.  There she was in London.  England. A twang of jealousy plucked at me a bit.  She seemed so positive and upbeat all the time. So talented.   I loved reading all about her projects and idyllic life.  But then one day years later this post appeared.  My heart sank.  I cried for her.  Oh what a difference one day can make in your life.  One day things are amazingly beautiful and perfect and serene and then…well it all changes.  I continue to follow her writing.  Hoping along with so many others that one day very soon we will find a post shouting the good news of Robert the Husband’s full recovery.  And once again we might all feel a little bit of envy when reading all the lovely things Cherry is accomplishing.  Instead of the sheer awe that we feel as we watch through her posts as she becomes stronger and more steadfast.  She will come out on the other side of this a much stronger, better woman.  And we will be stronger and better for knowing and watching as she meets life head-on and battles along side her husband to get back to the life they were making.  Without cancer.

Her post from today was so gut-wrenchingly honest.  So painful and yet so full of hope.  I felt compelled to share it with you.  Who knows who might read it that needs to.  That needs to see a strong woman at work.   I was touched to tears over it.  I don’t think I could handle things like she is handling them.  She is an inspiration.  I hope you all will peruse her blog if you don’t already. Here is the note I left for her.  I didn’t know what to say but felt like I had to at least let her know I had read it.

Everything that could have and should have been said, has been said by others before me who were so eloquent and knew how to say the things that best express their most heartfelt sorrow for the situation you have found yourself in dear Cherry. So I am left saying that I am just very very sorry that your heart is so heavy and your burdens so cumbersome at this precious time in your life. What a beautiful, beautiful family you have. You. Robert. The babies, who are just perfect. Your sister and her family. Two more perfect little people to replace some of your sadness with joy when you see them. Both your mums. Yours and Robert’s. All the men who have stepped up to help with the manual work at your home. How wonderful that at a time when I feel like I would be sitting and crying myself into a terrible place, you are making a home, planting, building, busying yourself and others so that you all might get through this the best way possible. With hope.

Thank you for sharing with us in your honest feelings. What a gift you are to all of us. And an inspiration. Someone who reads this, and who knows which of us it shall be will find themselves in a similar situation and will think back on the grace and spirit with which you handled what life dished out to you and we will be inspired and encouraged to battle on.

Wishing you brighter days ahead and very soon. Hoping your lovely family will be back together and stronger for all you have been through.

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What a beautiful young woman AND a beautiful little family. She IS an inspiration—what strength she must have. My thoughts and prayers are with her sweet husband and for her and those precious children. Makes my problems seem sooo small.

How kind you are! I will add a prayer for his well-being and for their family … xoxo …

Susan… What a thoughtful and loving post you wrote this woman… and yes she is an inspiration… life can change in a New York minute… which is why I always start my day with words of gratitude for life itself.

Victoria in Houston