Gobble-Good Turkey Bake from The Harvest Table and Chinet Review

Gobble-Good Turkey Bake was a hit! Delicious AND easy.  It was ready to go in the oven when the oven beeped telling me it was preheated.  That’s fast.  And that was with me stopping to take pictures.  Ben really REALLy enjoyed it.  Two BIG helpings.  Here you go.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Gobble-Good Turkey Bake


  • 10 3/4 oz can cream of mushroom soup
  • 10 3/4 oz can cream of celery soup
  • 1 1/2 c milk
  • 1 oz packet onion soup mix
  • 1 cup long-cooking rice, uncooked
  • 2-3 cups cooked turkey, cubed

Combine all ingredients in a lightly greased 13 x 9 baking pan; stir.  Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until hot and rice is tender.  Serves 6.


Told you it was quick and easy!  Trust me it was delicious too.


And check out that pan!  Yep I used Chinet’s NEW Disposable Bakeware and it is amazing.  Seriously.  It truly is non stick.  It was truly sturdy.  No bending or buckling.  And when we were finished with supper I just popped on the plastic lid that came with it and put it in the refrigerator.  Lunch tomorrow 🙂

I want to encourage you to go check out their website. So cool! Four sizes for your every baking need.  I just think about how great these will be at the holidays.  Bake a Christmas Treat and give as a gift right in the pan with a clear lid.  Just tie with a bow and go! I will be showing and tell you about my experiences with them as we go along with two weeks of great recipes made in great disposable pans.


picture from

Now I suppose you would like to know how to enter to win one of these great prizes.  Nothing new there.  You comment you are entered.  At the end of the giveaway, I will draw a name.  Super easy I think.  Well, let’s add a little something to this.  Make you work a little harder for such a great pair of prizes.  In your comment tell me what you love about Autumn.  That’s not too much to ask.  I suppose it’s only fair that I share something too.

Autumn, how do I love thee?  I love shorter days. Cooler nights.  Bluer skies.  I love Autumn’s holidays.  I love Autumn’s food.  I love   Autumn’s colors. I love the word, Autumn.  I love thick socks. And cardigans.  Quilts   on the beds. The sound of leaves rustling. I love flannel shirts and sheets and pj’s.


Autumn is in you as much as around you.  It’s a feeling.  It’s a scent.  It’s a taste. And it is different for everyone. It’s a memory.  Déjà vu.  The first day of  school whether it be kindergarten or college.  The smell of bus fumes, newly sharpened pencils, paste and floor wax.  It’s a new notebook with nothing written in it.  A new outfit you and your mom picked out just for that first day of school. It’s anticipation of  how your favorite hockey or football team will fare. It’s tailgate  parties and homecoming dances. It’s planting an Autumn garden and harvesting the last of your Summer crops.   It’s that first bowl of chili.  Its pumpkins on your porch and the beginning of the best family times of the year.

Now it’s your turn.  You don’t have to carry on like I did.  You can if you like but just a sentence or two is great too.  I really do want to know what you all love about Autumn.

To enter this Early Bird Review and Giveaway:  All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of each post pertaining to this giveaway and Early Bird Review and consider yourself entered.  I will be posting amazing recipes from this book over the next two weeks and then on Monday the 14th of May,  I will draw a name from the trusty mason jar and announce the winner. You have a few chances to get your name in the drawing.  And of course it would be nice of you to tell your friends if you have facebook or a blog of your  own.

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NOTE: I am required by the FTC to disclose to you all that I received the Chinet Bakeware products free of charge.

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Hi Susan, I know I live to far away to be considered, but I have to say this recipe looks delicious and I am in awe of that cooked turkey joint you have there! I wish we could get things like that over here!! Wowsa!! I just love the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. I buy them as often as I can. They’re fab. That Chinet bakeware looks wonderful too!! Wow. I wonder if they will get that over here. I sure hope so!!! I just love autumn full stop. The colours, the textures, sights smells . . . sounds! It has always been my favourite season and I have a dream to go to Vermont at least once in the Autumn. Love and hugs to you today and always! xxoo

carolyn lyon

Can’t wait to try this recipe – it looks easy and delicious – two of my favorites! I also can’t wait to try the new bakeware – would love to win them!


That recipe does sound really easy and delicious. I will be adding that to my dinners for next week.


Deidrah Shutt

The book sounds great. Can’t wait to get it even if I don’t win it.


I love the feel of Autumn air…especially crisp, sunny autumn mornings. I love the beautiful flaming maples, showing off their brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellows. Gorgeous!!! I love the thought of cooler evenings with less daylight that forces the family inside earlier. The urge to make soups and stews and anything baked. I love Autumn!!! 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity!


Your recipe is just what I am looking for! I love to cook turkey breasts year round. This will work with all the leftovers. Thanks! Robbi

Misty Wotring

I love that it starts to cool down. Here in AZ we are sooo ready for the over 100 degree days to go away.


I love the smell of leaves burning in the fall and watching the trees change color. This recipe looks like a winner. I’d love to win the bakeware to try this recipe in.

Thank you for sharing such a delicious sounding recipe! I do love autumn! I live in Vermont and nothing beats the colors that the mountains turn in the fall.

Lisa Henry

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, red, orange yellow and brown. I love to take my dog for a walk and smell the wood smoke in the air. I love to see the geese flying in their V formation as they head south. I love having a hot cup of tea in front of my cozy fireplace on a cold Autumn day. And I especially love Autumn recipes, I collect Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and I eagerly wait for every new one.

Mary Tullila

Inhales that beautiful turkey bake…yummy! Very excited about this new Gooseberry book! What I love about fall is God’s brushstrokes of majesty in the colours of change…

Patricia Pinkston

I love that the warm days feel and smell differently.

Sharry Murawski

I absolutely love the colors of Fall!!! We have lots of walking trails by my house so I’ll take the kids out and get lots of pictures. The cool days are just perfect for walking! I also love Gooseberry Patch and would love to win one of their cookbooks!!

Teri Brian

Susan, Please enter me in your Gooseberry Patch cookbook giveaway. Thanks! 🙂 Teri

Darlene Kennedy

Please enter me in your Gooseberry Patch cookbook giveaway. THANK YOU in advance!

Karen DeHart

Hi, I really don’t want to think of fall yet because I know what that brings next!!!!!! I have to say though I LOVE the picture of the barns, blue skies & fall colors. I do love fall for that AND apple Pie!!!!!!!!!! Yummy 🙂 Karen

Carole Brown

Recipe sounds wonderful. I love everything Gooseberry. Would love to have this cookbook to add to my collection.

Lisa Kennedy

I love the crispness of autumn and the refreshing changes that it brings. I especially love autumn recipes! Please enter me for the give away.


What I love about Autumn is the coolness in the air and the changing of the leaves. I also follow Gooseberry Patch and would love to win their cookbook.


Looks yummy! I love GP!

Tami Stapleton

I’d love to try this recipe. It looks so simple and delicious!

Ca Mckwey

I really like the looks of these recipes. Hope I win the cookbook.

Ca Mckey

Recipes look great..hope I win the cookbook

Ca Mckey
Jill J

I absolutely love the colors and freshness in the air in Autumn. It’s such a lovely time of year to be outside, enjoying the cooler temperatures and everything is just so gorgeous!

This recipe looks delicious! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

I just discovered you! I am very excited about your page and blog. I love cooking and am anxious to try some of your recipes. Thanks so much.

marsha good

The recipe sounds yummy. Also like the idea of disposable bakeware.

I would love to win a cookbook from Goosberry Patch. Love their receipes.

karen Stephenson

Love the photo of the farm. Recipe looks yummy. Love your blog.

Kate D,

I love the colors and smell of Fall. I live in the Adirondacks of New York, so the colors of the trees are amazing. I love sitting by the fireplace in my cozy sweater sipping a mug of tea, reading a great book. I love decorating with pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks. The air is crisp and smells so sweet. Fall has always been my favorite season.


I love the colors of fall.

Michelle Soliz

Hello. I am totally new to your site but LOVE it already!! My daughter had to “interview” me years ago for a school project and the final question was “where would you most want to visit?” My response was “Vermont in autumn”. I LOVE autumn and EVERYTHING about it. Cool evenings, bonfires to warm our toes, the amazing colors everywhere, the comfort food roasting in the oven, high school football games, the harvest scented candles burning, reading a great book or visiting with “friends” while reading the newest Gooseberry Patch cookbook, the crisp bedding fresh from the clothesline that only autumn can make smell so incredible and soooo many more reasons!! I would love to try out the pans too because in the span of 2 months I have a daughter graduating, getting married, a bridal shower and a reception so I am sure these would be a great time saver! Thank you for this awesome giveaway…I hope I win… 😉


Nothing beats the colors of fall, the crisp autumn air, and football! Would love to win this cookbook!


I would love to win the cookbook…fall is a very special season.

Love hot casseroles in Autumn and would love the cookbook. Autumn is full of wonderful scents and colors and I love them all.


The most fabulous time of the year, when the air is crisp, and the apple pie is in the oven making the whole house smell like “welcome home.”. I’d be ever so thankful if I were to be the recipient of this cookbook. Love Gooseberry Patch!


I love the fall colors on the trees, the crisp autumn air, and the fact that the bugs have died down for the season. It’s my favorite time of year. Hope I win the cookbook!

Connie Bolick Lee

Autumn is the long cool sigh that comes after the hot humid summer. I love the colorful leaves, the crisp air, and hot soup. Would love to win the cookbook!

Brenda Dickson

I have been waiting for so long for my next Gooseberry Patch fix. Can’t wait much longer and would love to win it!

Judy S

Looks delicious!!!

The fall brings us all back inside our homes. Time to plan for the holidays, cooking, baking, decorating and crafts. A very homey time of year. I love Gooseberry Patch books and I have a huge collection of them.

Kiran Verma

Please enter me for your Cook Book Giveaway. The recipes you share sound delicious. Thanks a bunch!!

Kiran Verma

Please enter me for your Cook Book Giveaway. The recipes sound amazing!!

Shery Meschede

This recipe sounds perfect for sunday dinner tomorrow. It’s Mothers Day, the recipe sounds simple enough that my teenagers should have no problem making it for me 😀
The Chinet cookware is perfect for my young chefs in the making! Winning the cookbook would be great for them!

Autumn is my favorite season, the leaves turning from hues of green to vivid reds, golds, and ambers add so much color to the landscape canvas. I live in the foothills in the gold country of California, Autumn is the only season that is so well defined, almost over night.

I would love to win this cookbook to give to my teens to foster their creative and curious love for cooking, which I am proud to say they got from me.

Please enter me in the cook book contest. Thanks

Connie Saunders

I love all things Gooseberry Patch & I love the beautiful colors of Autumn


I love the cooler weather and all the wonderful smells and flavors of the season. Such a cozy time. Fall will always be my favorite season.

Jennie Pagano

The vibrant colors in nature as well as the bounty of harvest make Autumn my all time favorite season.