Well someone’s loss is another’s gain.

I never got a response from the first winner of  Meals in Minutes from Gooseberry Patch so….someone else is a lucky ducky this fine Friday morning!  I think  a month less one day is more than enough time for someone to claim a prize don’t you?  I shouldn’t have let it take this long really but I thought maybe they were on vacation or something and would get back to me.  So anywho…drumroll please…

CONGRATULATIONS KELLY! from unDeniably Domestic is the lucky winner!  Kelly I am emailing you and facebooking you and if all else fails googling you!  You are getting this LOVELY cookbook if I have to bring it to you!  Kidding.  That’s going too far.  But I know you will love it!

Stay tuned.  I really and truly am going to write a blog post soon.  I really am.

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Aw man! You could have sent that cookbook to me! 🙂

Hi Susan. Lucky, ducky me indeed!!!! Thank you! I have been at a teaching institute all week at Lincoln University and love having such a sweet surprise. I will send you my address directly; although, I would be happy to make up the guest bed for you to visit and deliver in person. 🙂 ~Kelly