New cookbook GIVEAWAY from Gooseberry Patch: 101 Breakfast and Brunch Recipes


Yumminess to start your day off right!  I love cooking breakfast.  I love eating breakfast. Breakfast just gets me rolling in the mornings.  Not just fuel for my body but gets my brain clickity clacking.  There’s something so wonderful about waking up to the smells of a good hearty breakfast and when you don’t have to get up before dawn to get it started well, that is just even better.

The new cookbook from our friends at Gooseberry Patch is 101 Breakfast and Brunch Recipes.


And one of the many wonderful things about this book is the number of make ahead recipes.  I LOVE THAT!  Crockpot breakfast??!! YES!!! And another great thing is if you want breakfast for supper, which we often do, the crockpot is a super idea!

I have already made several of the recipes and will be making more this week.  And how great the recipes are – fast and yummy for a week that is already filled to the brim.  I head out Friday to meet Jerry in Seattle for a week.  So excited :)

My first offerings from 101 Breakfast and Brunch Recipes are Texas Toads in the Hole and Country Cabin Potatoes .  I am pairing these two recipes for you because they went together beautifully.  We decided one day we wanted breakfast for supper and this was a great meal.


Texas Toads in the Hole

  • 2 T butter
  • 4 slices Texas toast
  • 4 eggs
  • salt and pepper to taste

Optional: jam, jelly or preserves

Spread butter on both sides of  Texas toast.  Using a biscuit cutter, cut a circle out of the middle of each slice of toast; set aside rounds.  Place toast slices in a large, lightly greased skillet over medium heat; break an egg into each hole.  Season with salt and pepper.  Cook until egg white begins to set, then carefully flip.  Continue to cook until eggs reach desired doneness.  In a separate skillet toast reserved bread rounds.  Top rounds with jam, jelly or preserves if desired.  Serve with toast slices.  Serves 4.

Now the Country Cabin Potatoes are the do- ahead part but super easy and SUPER delish!

Country Cabin Potatoes

  • 4  14 1/2 oz cans sliced potatoes, drained
  • 2 10 3/4 oz cans cream of celery soup
  • 16 oz container sour cream
  • 10 slices bacon, crisp cooked and crumbled
  • 6 green onions, thinly sliced

Place potatoes in slow cooker.  In a bowl, combine remaining ingredients; pour over potatoes and stir gently.  Cover and cook on high setting for 4-5 hours.  Makes 10-12 servings. Note: Great re-warmed in the microwave:)

So here you have my first recipe reviews from the new 101 Breakfast and Brunch Recipes from Gooseberry Patch.  Try them, you will love them!

And of course as always, you can win a copy of this new cookbook.

To enter this Early Bird Review and Giveaway:  All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of each post pertaining to this giveaway and Early Bird Review and consider yourself entered.  I will be posting amazing recipes from this book over the next two weeks and then on Monday the 30th of July,  I will draw a name from the trusty mason jar and announce the winner. You have a few chances to get your name in the drawing.  And of course it would be nice of you to tell your friends if you have facebook or a blog of your  own.

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Connie Bolick Lee

This cookbook sounds wonderful, please enter my name to win, thanks!


What a cool cookbook!


What a wonderful cookbook. Sure hope I win it!

diana seay

I definitely am going to try the Country Cabin Potatoes! They sound delicious! I have some of your other cookbooks and I LOVE them. I use them all the time.

brenda johnson

What a great cookbook hope i win it


I love Gooseberry Patch books! I love that you can cook the potatoes in a crock pot.

I would love to win this cookbook. Sounds great!

looks like a great book… please enter my name :)

Keri Biebel

I’ve made toad in the hole before but never thought of Texas toast to do it! thanks for the great idea! Can’t wait for the next cookbook, hope to win it!


Brunch! My favorite meal to cook for company and lazy weekends! I just KNOW this book will be packed with wonderful recipes.

Karyl Hanson

The Texas Toads remind me of my childhood and may have to make them in he near future! Thanks for the flashback!

I love the name country cabin potatoes, sounds cozy! Please enter me! I’m subscribed but don’t get anything from this site?

Sandy Wagner

I love the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks. Please enter me. Thank you

Danna Smith

Breakfast is my favorite meal and I would love to win this cookbook!!

Molly Bibb

Breakfast is my favorite meal. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try them.

Judy Williams

You’re making me hungry!


What a great book. Gooseberry Patch is the BEST!!

Wendi Prenda

I would love to have this cookbook – sounds like my kind of cooking!

Kathy Stahlman

Love the gooseberry patch book . This one sounds great.

Billie J Elliott

I love the catchy phrase….”not quite June Cleaver.” AND I do remember quite well June Cleaver…

Having lived thru the ’50’s and learning how to cook at home, I always had time to use recipes.

Please enter my name in your giveaway! Looks like a good cookbook for all those “After Sunday Brunch meals” on Sunday after church!

Kathy Stahlman

Love the gooseberry patch books. Would love to win this one. Thanks.

Tess S,

Those country cabin potatoes sound delicious! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to try it out at home.


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I’d love to try some of the crock pot recipes!


Would love this book!

Larissa Mathis

These recipes sound yummy! Love Gooseberry Patch!

Shari Keefe

Love the Toad in a Hole! Such a comforting breakfast and great for kids! I would love to win a copy! WOOT!

Debby Wise

I love cookbooks and breakfast is my favorite as well ! Can’t wait to preview more recipies

Love these recipes! Gooseberry Patch books are my favorite!

Rachel Buttaccio

The potatoes especially look great. Definitely going to have to try them. Please enter me in the contest. I love Gooseberry Patch books!

Vicki Hoffman

Love the Gooseberry Patch books! Food that I want to eat! Would love to win this one. Thanks

i love your cookbooks….a cookbook with make ahead breakfasts????..oh heck yeah….i”m so winning it!!!!!!!..keep em coming….

Kay Arnett

The Toad In The Hole recipe reminded me of one that was cooked for me years ago using regular bread. It was called “Spit In The Eye”. I am a big fan of your cookbooks and would love to win a free copy of your 101 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes.


These cookbooks are the best! Easy and delicious recipes!

Mary Ellen

I love to print out the recipes you share from your cookbooks! Would love to win a free one!

Wendy W.

I would love to win this cookbook, I love breakfast recipes! :-)

Stacey J.

Awesome recipes! :)


Since I’m not June either I need this book, lol

Elaine S

I love having breakfast for supper so this sounds like a great cookbook to add to my growing number of Gooseberry cookbooks.


Looks like another great cookbook!


Awesome……love the recipes and cant wait to see more … GOOSEBERRY PATCH ROCKS!!!

Susan Willie

I love Gooseberry Patch books. Hope I win.

Caryn Mauser

Gooseberry Patch books always have great ideas! It would be fantastic to receive the new book to try them out.


Please enter my name…I’d LOVE to win this cookbook!! :)

Dawn Wiitala

I love Gooseberry Patch books! I have several and love love love the recipes! <3

Tisha Cleveland

Please enter me in your contest! I love your cookbooks. Thanks.


Recipes sound awesome!! I’d love to add this to my Gooseberry collection.

Erica Ferguson

I love that there is a breakfast cookbook by Gooseberry!!! I struggle most with what to fix for breakfast.


Love your cookbooks, have several. Would like another :)

Annette Ceravolo

I don’t have any breakfast cookbooks! I can’t believe it!! I love Gooseberry cookbooks and have several. This would be a great addition to my Gooseberry Patch collection and also a “first” breakfast cookbook. I’m excited about the give away and would really love to win! Thanks for the chance to win!!