Yummy and green!


I will change the next one up a bit.  Really a bit too sweet for my taste.  Found the recipe here and did some changes in consideration of my food allergies.  I substituted the almond milk for coconut milk.  I think next time I will use just pineapple and not the juice.  And possibly hemp or rice milk so it is not quite so sweet.  AND happy to say my Ninja blender did a pretty good job on the kale. It didn’t completely puree the leaves but I am good with that. The minute I started drinking it all sorts of combinations ran through my head for savory versions as well.

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Looks good Susan. I used to make myself a really delicious one using Watercress, carrot juice and lemon juice with a dash of tabasco. It was fabulous! Haven’t made one in a long time. I must rectify that! xxoo