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Happy Thanksgiving to One and All!


Remember NotQuiteJuneCleaver will be back up and running and giving and sharing beginning next week. So please check back and invite your friends.  First giveaway will be from my good friends at Chinet.  What better way to start off the holidays than by a giveaway!?


When you get to Vermont, take a left.

We are headed out in the morning to see our Hannah.  She is a student at Carleton University in Ottawa.  GO RAVENS!


Jerry, Ben and I will head out way before daylight in the morning and if all goes well and as planned we will arrive in Burlington, VT around 3:30 tomorrow afternoon.  Then we will pick up our car and head west to Canada.  Arriving surely but 8 or 9 p.m. depending on how the border crossing goes.  We are staying at the Capital Hill Hotel, right smack in downtown Ottawa.  Hannah and I stayed there when we delivered her to college back in August.  Very nice, VERY convenient, great staff.


We will have a little more time for sight seeing and picture taking and shopping 🙂 this trip.  When we delivered her to school, to say it was a stressful week, omg, is an understatement.  But we made it thru to the other side. Girl Power!!  No matter the obstacles, this trip I will have two men with me to help shoulder the burden.


And when I return I am actually going to start blogging again.  Hopefully I have enough people following me 🙂  I have had one heck of a hiatus, I realize.  But sometimes life just gets in the way of things like blogging.  There are stories to tell, recipes to share, crafts and sewing to show.  It is winter again and things will be at a slower pace.  And allow for more writing time.

And first thing there will be another amazing giveaway from my friends at Chinet! WOOT!  So maybe that will get people stopping by. EVERYONE loves a giveaway!

Much love to each of you.  Happy Thanksgiving!  See you all on the flip side!



Tree Huggin’ Revisited

This is a post I wrote 3 years ago…just revisiting

I am all about the tree huggin.  I know that might be hard to tell from my blog…but I am a tree hugger from way back.  A little more diligent at times but my heart has always been huggy.  This morning I got a very interesting email about Victory Gardens.  I really love the whole concept.  Victorious of what?  Who cares.  It brings up thoughts of community and playing in the dirt and growing your own.  Michelle Obama has planted one, or had one planted might be a better way of putting it.  I doubt a busy woman such as herself was out in the 100 degree weather like I was yesterday, tying up tomatoes! Frankly I think she looks a bit overdressed for gardening.

0320_michellegardens_460x276Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

But likely having not done much gardening previously, she might not have realized the VERY expensive black leather boots might be overdressed.  Or this might have been a photo-op.  Nawwww.  Look, before you think I am ragging on Mrs. Obama.  I love the couple.  And the children.  LOVE them.  Voted for them.  Support them.  And think her promoting gardening and growing your own is FANTASTIC.  I was just having a little fun.  If my calves were than skinny, I’d have a pair of those boots too.  But anyway, the gardening seems to be going well at the White House and the First Lady seems to be getting the hang of “gardening attire”:

MichelleObama_WhiteHouseKitchenGarden_April9You go girl!  Get those knees muddy!

But back to my email.  The Queen now has an allotment at Buckingham Palace.  GET OUT! Copy cat. Kidding again. I LOVE THE QUEEN. Love her.  Love her country.  Love her palace…I have been there you know.  I have pictures to prove it.  The movie The Queen made me cry like a baby.  I won’t get into all the reasons why but, I was touched.  But I do believe Mrs. Obama might have had a bit of influence.  You can read all about it here: The White House Organic Farm Project ~very interesting website.

PD*29463063Image from the Telegraph

The email linked to an article here that went so far as to call The Queen frugal. I am happy to hear that but wonder exactly what that means in royal circles. Anywho, back to the gardening.  In the UK allotments are evidently growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.  Considering they have a very limited amount of free space for gardening, I am impressed.  Husband works with several Brits and they talk gardening.  He told me a bit about the allotment thing.  VERY foreign to me, since we have 3.5 acres to mow every other week!  Our garden is as big as we would like it.  And quite enough for me to tend to while Husband is away at work.

I am curious as to how many of you plant and tend a little spot?  A big spot?  I have left you with some VERY interesting links this morning.  Happy Reading and Go Hug a Tree!


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