Tree Huggin’ Revisited

This is a post I wrote 3 years ago…just revisiting

I am all about the tree huggin.  I know that might be hard to tell from my blog…but I am a tree hugger from way back.  A little more diligent at times but my heart has always been huggy.  This morning I got a very interesting email about Victory Gardens.  I really love the whole concept.  Victorious of what?  Who cares.  It brings up thoughts of community and playing in the dirt and growing your own.  Michelle Obama has planted one, or had one planted might be a better way of putting it.  I doubt a busy woman such as herself was out in the 100 degree weather like I was yesterday, tying up tomatoes! Frankly I think she looks a bit overdressed for gardening.

0320_michellegardens_460x276Photograph: Jason Reed/Reuters

But likely having not done much gardening previously, she might not have realized the VERY expensive black leather boots might be overdressed.  Or this might have been a photo-op.  Nawwww.  Look, before you think I am ragging on Mrs. Obama.  I love the couple.  And the children.  LOVE them.  Voted for them.  Support them.  And think her promoting gardening and growing your own is FANTASTIC.  I was just having a little fun.  If my calves were than skinny, I’d have a pair of those boots too.  But anyway, the gardening seems to be going well at the White House and the First Lady seems to be getting the hang of “gardening attire”:

MichelleObama_WhiteHouseKitchenGarden_April9You go girl!  Get those knees muddy!

But back to my email.  The Queen now has an allotment at Buckingham Palace.  GET OUT! Copy cat. Kidding again. I LOVE THE QUEEN. Love her.  Love her country.  Love her palace…I have been there you know.  I have pictures to prove it.  The movie The Queen made me cry like a baby.  I won’t get into all the reasons why but, I was touched.  But I do believe Mrs. Obama might have had a bit of influence.  You can read all about it here: The White House Organic Farm Project ~very interesting website.

PD*29463063Image from the Telegraph

The email linked to an article here that went so far as to call The Queen frugal. I am happy to hear that but wonder exactly what that means in royal circles. Anywho, back to the gardening.  In the UK allotments are evidently growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.  Considering they have a very limited amount of free space for gardening, I am impressed.  Husband works with several Brits and they talk gardening.  He told me a bit about the allotment thing.  VERY foreign to me, since we have 3.5 acres to mow every other week!  Our garden is as big as we would like it.  And quite enough for me to tend to while Husband is away at work.

I am curious as to how many of you plant and tend a little spot?  A big spot?  I have left you with some VERY interesting links this morning.  Happy Reading and Go Hug a Tree!


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Susan, I love to garden and find it so healing and reflective… I always ponder life as I pull weeds, water and tend to my special little piece of the earth.

I grow herbs, lavender, tomatoes and I have a Meyer Lemon tree… and lots of roses.

Love the info on Michele and the Queen…. gardening is in our blood for sure.

A great and fun post,
Victoria in Houston

I do a wee bit of gardening. I started by putting tomatoes in the already established flower beds when we moved here 4 years ago. Each year I dig up more and more of my front yard. You can see some pictures I took this morning on my blog here:
Next to sewing and knitting gardening is one of my favorite things to do.

Love the links! Such a fabulous idea for the Ladies of Power to set an example for the rest of us.

Last year Hubby and I worked very hard at building a garden spot with fencing and even a screen door gate. Alas, the trees grew last year so the plot no longer gets the full amount of sun it needs.

This year we are trying out a new spot in the yard. Mixed results so far. The plants seem to be taking their sweet time in taking off. A few have withered and died.

Fingers crossed that all this rain we’ve been getting is gonna set the plants into growth mode!

I think probably Prince Charles had is hand in this, he has been a big advocate of organic farming for some time.

I know right? Like WAY before it was the “thing” to do. I know they get a lot of bad press, but I for one don’t know how I would have handled being born into the life they have. My god, I would never get by house clean if I lived in the palace! Not to mention the other homes! Yeah, I know, I know…they have maids and such. But you know how I feel about strangers pilfering in my stuff! Talk about NO privacy!

I LOVE reading about them though. Wondering at times what their lives really consist of. I think the Prince of Wales would just like to be left alone in his garden. And frankly, if I had that kind of stroke, and that is what I REALLY wanted, then that is what I would have. I would pass the title, no matter who liked or disliked it. The movie The Queen was just a great glimpse into their life and the pressures and responsibilities that are thrust upon them, that they are born with. I know it was not a documentary and I think the maker of the film was trying to present a detached, cold ruler and I saw what I wanted to see: a woman under immense pressure 24/7 with obligations and responsibilities that most people cannot fathom. And wasn’t elected. She was born into it. At at a very difficult time in her life it was forced upon her. The death of her father not only was a loss, but brought about the greatest of responsibilities. Yeah, I have a soft spot for her.

Space over here is definitely at a premium, but a lot of people have allotment gardens, which they have to travel to to tend as they are not in their own back yards. We are doing container gardening this year, which suits us quite well. We’ve too many bunnies to make putting anything into the ground feasable. They eat it up faster than we can plant it!


hi Susan, yes, I’m also Obama fan (and gardening !), actually wearing red obama thshirt right now together with my blue big smith overalls, we should have the first lady joining us on the overalls day :)) and thanks for post !

you honestly don’t know why they were called Victory Gardens ?
they idea was started during WW2 😉


opps.. as they say. right church , wrong pew.
I love gardening.. have done it before it was cool..
Love cannning.. making do & doing w/o .

but I think our country leaders should do more to “lead’ then just photo opt a garden ..

How about a Pay cut. ?? 🙂
or cut back on Date night in N-York City at the tax payers dime 🙂
congress & the Lot !!

I think that first photo was a photo op. I mean the chef is out there too. At least they didn’t do the corporate thing with the bright shiny new shovels…

I love gardening and I have a 10 by 15 foot plot. So far we’ve got tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, eggplant, swiss chard, lettuce, spinach, beans, kohlrabi, beets, and peas planted. I find it nicely therapeutic to pull weeds.

Loved this again, even if it was a repost. I love all your posts. You are MY Susan Branch. seriously.

Allotments are very popular over here and very difficult to get. When people get one they keep it until they die. People, generally speaking, have very small gardens, so having an allotment is their opportunity to grow a little veg themselves. We are lucky we have a huge garden so we are able to do it in our own little patch! Love you! xxoo