Welcome 2013

As we wind down 2012, we have lived in interesting times, which I believe in some cultures is considered a curse. Yet, here we are, looking forward to a new year, with renewed hope for better things to come. I wish all my friends and family a very safe, happy, healthy 2013. No resolutions here. As usual I have more ideas than time so I will just strive to use my time wisely, weigh carefully the things I deem important, remind myself how fortunate I am and remember if I can’t help, then at least do no harm.

I also wanted to let you know that I will be taking a blog break.  An announced one as it appears I have taken several unannounced breaks.  Writers block, lack of inspiration or is it simply that NQJC has run its course?  Time shall tell.  But I thank you all and hope to have something worthwhile to write to you soon.

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I, for one, will really miss you. 🙁 Hope that you are feeling better soon. ((((hugs))))

Susan… You will be missed…love your creativity dearly


Hi Gorgeous! It’s so nice to be visiting you again… my blog hiatus is over and it looks like yours is beginning! ha ha I still think I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee with some of my scones while I enjoy my visit here and catch up on some posts! Lurve~ Janeen