Good Morning!

I just realized I stopped posting when our Hannah went to Canada.  Do you think it affected me more than I was aware?  Outwardly I handled it very well I think.  There was very few public displays of hysterical crying.  Maybe she was my muse.  She was my taste tester for all things delicious.  She was home almost every day of her life give or take a week of vacation every now and then, for 24 years.  How was I supposed to feel?


Then happy news is she is moving back home for the Summer the end of this month.  Two of my sons (oldest and youngest) are going with me to help move her back home.  What a trip is will be be! We are even taking in an NHL game – WOOT!

I am not making any promises I can’t keep about blogging and sharing here, where I have made my cyber home for SIX years.  I can’t believe I have been babbling on for that long!  But you know it seems a shame just to stop.  I know I have almost no traffic here anymore.  Whose fault is that?  I went from half a million hits a year to zilch.  Seems sad and like I sabotaged my own blog.  Not too bright but there is not much in life that can’t be repaired with some work and determination.

Thought I might share some photos of our Spring.  It feels good to log back in and at least start a conversation.

Blessings & Bliss! And Happy April!








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Those boiled crawfish look so good. Glad to hear your muse is coming home for the summer. Happy news!

Susan, how wonderful that Hannah is coming home. I am thinking it will be for good? I think life just gets on top of us sometimes. That’s only normal. The important thing is we recognize where we are and make the effort to move past it. I send you much love. Enjoyed all the photos. Did you make that quilt? I am impressed! I just know you will enjoy that trip with your boys and daughter and an NHL game! Woot woot!


It’s okay to take a hiatus …. Enjoy this precious time again with your children this summer! Lurve…. Janeen

Ya hoo! You made my day reading your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That just about says it all dear lady!!!!!!!!!!