Simply Saturday

I wish. But this is moving day for Hannah. When Jerry and Ben get up we will head out to the storage buildings and get all of Hannah’s things – or at least what will fit in the Jeep and Tundra. There may have to be a couple of other trips made later on.

After three doctor trips yesterday, one which involved the taking of a biopsy from the back of Ben’s scalp we headed out to Natchitoches to eat an amazing supper with Rachel, her boyfriend, her roomie Katy, and our oldest daughter Jessica and her husband. Rachel put a roast in the crock-pot before she left for classes yesterday morning so it had been cooking all day. I have to say, and this is not just a proud mama talking, it was better than any roast I have cooked and I thought I had that down pat. She had put carrots in with it and then as another side, made stewed new potatoes. Amazing. Delicious – all of it. It was the first time we had seen her new townhouse and it is adorable. It looks just like where two artists live. Artwork everywhere and Katie’s parents provided a great amount of furniture and housewares. Katy collects mushroom things and the kitchen was so cute with all the mushroom mugs and things. Though they have only been moved in a little while, it was already very homey and comfortable. They even had a wreath on the door 🙂 I wish I had thought to take pictures.  Oh well, next time.

You be watching and waiting for a post of extraordinary length when I find something Rachel CAN’T do. I am going to write ALL about it! 😉 She is pretty freakin’ amazing. She paints, draws, and is a crazy-good photographer. And her writings – whoa – what??? Insanely good. I don’t know how a person does all the things she does, does them so well and doesn’t just burst at the seams with talent. You can teach people things and teach them to do them well, but then there are those people who are just naturally good at things and it all just comes so easy to them. Things other people work so hard to be mediocre at. Like baking. This is a cake she baked and decorated at 17 with no cake classes, no baking classes – nada. Just went for it. “Sure, I can do that.” And she did.


I don’t know a lot of 21 year old college students who could throw together a meal like she did last night after going to class – well maybe culinary students but you know what I mean.  I don’t know a lot of them that would want to, to be fair.  It really wouldn’t surprise me if she eventually went to culinary school.  I know she can’t see that ever happening, she’s in her Senior year and just wants to get this degree behind her and get out there and make a living doing her thing.  And she will.  You remember her name because one day you will see her art hanging in some amazing places.  It may be paintings.  It may be illustrations.  It may be photography.  But you will see it.  Maybe all of those things.  AND one day you will read something that blows your mind, and it will be hers.  One of her uncles (RIP) said once when she was maybe 4 or 5, after watching her draw, “Rachel is going to be famous one day.” Yep, wouldn’t be a bit surprised.  AND not only all that, she’s stunning.

427092_3288769822132_1570922000_nI stole this picture off her facebook page, so if I owe someone credit, let me know. I will make amends.

Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

And like her sisters,  Rachel is a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt, friend…human being. I know I get long winded about my children but they are my life, this blog is about my life so thus this blog will, from time to time, be about their adventures.

So as soon as we can get motivated we are up and out of here for another busy, BUSY day.  And of course we have to get our stuff done and get back because LSU plays at 8 tonight.  Can’t miss that 🙂  I really don’t watch football, college or otherwise but Jerry likes it.  You all have a good weekend.

Love and Peace to you all.


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Beautiful girl she is. And obviously very talented as well. It’s clear the acorn did not fall very far from the tree!! Am loving that you are posting again. I always miss it when you don’t. It’s almost like enjoying a nice visit with you, or a phone call, which I might remind you we haven’t done in forever!! I would love to talk again and soon! Love you to bits! xxoo


Love this entry! Very true! I love it when Rachel posts pics of her artwork on Facebook. Everything she does is unbelievable and leaves me amazed at her talent!! Sadly, I can’t vouch for her cooking but I know she comes from great cooks!!