Wednesday’s Woman – Tasha Tudor (1915-2008)

Today would have been Tasha’s 98th birthday.  I would rehash my admiration of her but that was tainted a couple of years back when her family started fighting over her estate and ultimately her remains.  I wondered what kind of woman actually raised such a passel of idiots.  I invite you to read my original thoughts on the matter here. It was interesting to go back and read how strongly I felt about it at the time and how just a couple of years will change the strength of feelings about something you are so removed from.


I still very much appreciate her art and her ability to live her life as she wanted.  But even as the years have passed I wonder at what cost any or all of it was to the health of her family life.  But what do I know of it?  Not much.

Happy Birthday Tasha.  I wish your apparent peaceful life had had more of a positive influence on your offspring because they seem to have turned out rather badly.  Nonetheless, your cookbook still graces my kitchen shelf and your print hangs in my shoppe.  RIP.


War of the Tudors

Today is also our nephew Patrick’s birthday and 50th Anniversary of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I have a dream” speech.  RIP Dr. King.  We have made progress, but we still have an awfully long way to go.   But thank you for your courage and convictions.


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Connie Carroll

So happy you are blogging again! Always look forward to it. Enjoyed today’s post!


Although I always liked her books and enjoyed seeing her collection of period clothing a while back, I had a conversation with a cousin about her “lifestyle” and if perhaps it wasn’t a bit self serving for a person who chose to have children. The fantasy is all well and good in small doses, but I wondered if possibly she was permanently “disconnected” in some way that wasn’t healthy. I guess we can appreciate the artistic legacy she left for everyone, but a sad way to leave your family when all is said and done.

I know nothing of Tascha Tudor or her family. I think it’s always sad when family fight about what a person has left behind . . . as if the trappings of life are one’s only legacy. I may not leave my children a lot in terms of property or wealth, but I hope that I leave them other things which are much more precious and valuable, above all being a deep love and respect for one another and cherished memories of time spent together.

I, too, am happy you are blogging again. Keep it up!