Here we go again!

Today is one of several travel days for Jerry. I thought he just got home But it is time to head West to end up East. Yeah, it confuses me too. I hate travel days. I worry about flying, even though I am about to head out in a couple of weeks myself – I am staying in country. Tomorrow is September 11. Which is a silly thing to even think about. When I said it to him he says “But Friday is the 13th!” Okay. Thanks for that. We are mostly picking because him leaving is not easy on either of us. Harder on him of course because he is the one leaving. But he trusts me to hold down the fort. Keep things running. And in order (haha). And the older I get the more likely that is misplaced trust! But we have city water now so that might be one thing I don’t have to worry about working on. He has the raised beds tilled so IF we ever get rain I will plant before I leave for girlcation. If not, I will plant as soon as I get home. Next hitch home will be insanely busy. InSANE. So I am off of here to spend a couple more hours with him. Did I mention I hate travel days?

I am trying my best to keep up posting.  Thanks for forgiving my lapses.

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Here’s hoping the days you have to spend apart will pass quickly and that you both will be together again, safe and sound. Sending you extra hugs and love. xxoo