Making progress!

Crumb coat on one layer…three to go and a little “cake for two” for them to freeze for their 1st anniversary <3  I think I would rather work for a complete stranger than family LOL  Like I told my sister in law – I might never see a stranger again if they don’t like my work…family I have to see at least on holidays!! I am going to do my very best.  I want it to be perfect for Whitney and Darren.


This is layer is Italian Cream.  I hope its good an moist.  I baked it a little longer than I would have if it didn’t have to hold three more layers.  Of course I am using dividers but still…

Next up the chocolate layer 🙂

I will be back!

Love and Peace to you all


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Connie Carroll

Lookin’ good! I know the cake will be beautiful and delicious…

That looks good enough to eat NOW. I can’t wait to see more! xxoo