So…it’s Sunday

This day means lots of things to lots of people.  In certain parts of the world it is actually the beginning of the work week others it’s their day of rest.  But to spite what people around these parts would have you believe beginning this month a lot of focus is on football and preparation for hunting season. Autumn being just around the corner for some of the rest of us is exciting too.  By “some of us” I really meant some of you.  It is a while until it cools off here.  We are so excited because the weather is to be only in the low 90’s ONE day next week 🙂  But I am going to try and remedy my need for some cooler weather by making what has now become my annual trek to Vermont the first of October.  Now THAT I am excited about.  Here are a few pictures from my last trip.  I might have already posted them but really, can you see too many pictures of Vermont?

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Have a lovely LOVELY Sunday! Monday I am going to tell you all about Benjamin Jude. He read my posts about Hannah and Rachel then told me “Next time you can tell everyone how I am really your favorite.” LOL – love that boy! So yes, one day next week, probably tomorrow I am going to tell you ALL about my favorite Benjamin 🙂


And if I can get myself together, NotQuiteJuneCleaver’s etsy shop will be up and running again soon. Just in time for some holiday shopping.  Hopefully that “if” isn’t too big 🙂

Love and Peace to you all!


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Vermont is my favourite place on earth. If I could live anyplace I wanted and money was no object, Vermont would be it. I have family in Rutland, and have many fond memories of holidays spent with them as a child. Vermont is my heaven on earth. Can’t wait to hear about your favourite Benjamin!! xxoo

Oh Marie, me too! Brandon (the little town I always stay in) is in Rutland Co. You will have to email me your family’s name…could be a very small world!

By the way – more evidence we were separated at birth!


Middleton Springs, Pico , West Rutland and Proctor were my part of Vermont years ago. Love it all though and wish I was still there! Ever been to Salem.NY just across the border? What a neat town, hope it’s still that way! Have a wonderful trip in October.