That`s What She Said…

Okay first of all AGAIN I want to apologize for abandoning you all for what really amounts to nearly two years.  I am trying really hard to make up for that.  And WOW! do I have some crazy good stuff on the horizon.  Crazy good for me and double crazy good for you all! Give Aways, interviews, book reviews, movie reviews, book club sign ups.  I am going to make this blog what it used to be no matter how long it takes me!

And just so you know, the interviews are with some AMAZING people so please tune in for those.

Now what’s going on in  my life you might ask.  Well…Benjamin had his appendix out last Tuesday so that was fun.  :/ He really had tummy troubles for a couple of weeks and it never enter our minds that it was his appendix.  He just did not present the usual symptoms.  None the less, Dr. M. took that nasty little organ out and he is on the mend.  You know I am not sure laparoscopic hurts any less that traditional incisions.  But a week later he’s on the mend.

Jerry is stateside so we are having my birthday party early.  Double Nickels deserves recognition, so they say.  55? Really?  Seems like just yesterday I was a young mama with a passel of kids.  Still have the passel they are just a little more scattered these days.  As it should be.  I miss those days but life is all about changes.  Some days I roll with it. Some days, not so much.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend – it’s almost here!!!

Check back soon – you won’t be sorry – I’ve got something really great to share with you next week!

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So happy to see another post from you pop into my e-mail box Susan! I am glad that Jerry got home safe and sound and that Ben is okay and mending well. You and I both celebrate our birthdays this month. No surprise there, however I wish I was just turning 55 instead of 59! How did THAT happen!

How did my home get so empty too. Miss my children. I know they have to grow up and fly the coop, but my once too busy hands are now too idle . . . and my babies are far too far away.

Hope you have a lovely weekend too! xxoo