Beautiful Autumn Day in Vermont


As promised, second installment of October 2013 Vermont vacation.

These photos are of mine and Robbin’s trip to Bennington and Beyond ūüôā We didn’t really have a plan when we started out that morning. ¬†It was the only day we really did just say “Let’s just go. And see where the winds of this Autumn day take us.” ¬†And wow was that the way to go! ¬†It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast! ¬†We even accidentally drove over the state line so we could say we went to New York that day as well.


Now that’s the kind of church I can get behind! ¬†Separation of church and state! What a concept !! ūüėČ (Read: sarcasm) I don’t do politics on my blog (yet) but it’s not because I don’t think about it or have opinions. ¬†I have opinions in spades! Just suffice it to say I, for one, do not want to live in a theocracy. ¬†You do your thing, I’ll do mine, MKay? LOL. ¬†It is a beautiful building and still holds services. ¬†I had a very emotional reaction to standing in the church dreaming of what it must have been like back in 1762 – to be one of the women who help establish a community.


If I were one of the family members I would beg the “head of the house” to request this box – Lucky Number 13!


And this would be my views of the church from my perch in Box 13.  Imagine it packed full and the whole place vibrating with the sound of voices singing to the heavens.




From the looks of the percussion instruments along with this amazing organ – they maybe quite the modern sounding congregation.


And as services ended we would stroll home along the fence row,


And into the cemetery to lay a flower or two on the graves of loved ones who most certainly had found their way there.



I love the look of the old headstones.  Such craftmanship.


And then THERE IT WAS! Robert Frost’s grave. ¬†OH MY – did we not know it would be there?? ¬†Had we even thought of it? ¬†I mean we talked about him at length when we were up at Bread Loaf looking around and wondering what it would be like to be part of a “writer’s colony” – how fabulous would that be? ¬†I mean it would help to be writers of course but oh if the walls could talk!


This photo is quite possibly the favorite of all times. Lovely lighting. ¬†Taken in my favorite place (besides home) in the world. My favorite month. ¬†With my oldest and dearest girlfriend. And Autumn showing it’s truest colors. ¬†Bliss I tell you. Pure Bliss.

Before I bid you farewell for today I leave you with the promise of an other installment involving a photo essay of our tour of Robert Frost’s home and ¬†the funniest story of the day. It was time to stop for lunch and we saw this little place along the road just outside Bennington. ¬†It was like the old fashioned burger joint – only seating was in your car or at a few picnic tables. ¬†They had quite a menu that even advertised a “veggie burger”. ¬†Robbin, being vegan, asked the man taking orders what was in the veggie burger. ¬†And I swear to you, he had to have his 100th birthday in his sights. ¬†He looked at her for what seemed like much longer than it was and without changing his expression he says “vegetables”. ¬†LOL we just died laughing. ¬†So she was brave and ordered it, I had fried clams if you were wondering.

See you all soon!  Hey, tell your friends about this blog.  Pretty please?  Thanks and have a wonderful October day!

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Absolutely am loving seeing Vermont through your eyes Susan. Looking very forward to the next installment. xxoo