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Happy Holidays!

No matter your celebration or lack there of – I hope it is the best ever.  Ours will begin today with the December birthday of middle son.  And I won’t settle in again until 2016, if then! This has been a very, wonderfully, distracted year.  Ups and downs and downs and ups.  Just like every other person’s life.  We have a new little one as you know – trying to crawl and just more joy to me than I could have ever anticipated.  Two precious grandsons one about to turn 12 and one about to be 8 months.

I am not going to make any promises, but I hope those who see this understand how life happens when you are trying to run a blog!

Much LOVE to you all.




Happy Friday Peeps!

I told you I’d be on a brief hiatus and I think two weeks still qualifies as brief, especially considering how long some of them have been.

I have a notebook full of ideas for this blog and I have no excuse for not sharing them except to say #1 Life gets in the way and #2 Writer’s block is real.

I am stymied partially because I really want a new look. I have had this one since…well forever.  I love it but my life has had many changes and so I want my blog to reflect those changes.  I have less to do now than I ever have and yet I can find no time to drop by and say hello.  I am considering leaving this lovely blog here and moving over to another domain and starting my new blog about my new life there.

In the meantime, I will say hello, long time no see.  And a little glimpse into one of the things that has filled my thoughts and pushed blogging to the bottom of my To Do List:


That’s right.  There is a beautiful addition to our family! Ganzy & G-Dog are smitten with Sullivan Lukas aka Sully.

Yes, this was a brief visit but it’s better than none, right?  See you again soon.  If I can gain permission I will share a few days in the Life of Sully.  He is perfection in infant form as his Auntie Ham says.


Brief (hopefully) Blogging Hiatus

I have a few irons in the fire here on the homefront and will be taking a brief vacay from blogging.  For those of you who frequent NotQuiteJuneCleaver, this has been fairly obvious LOL

I will be back soon with some changes and a new attitude! So stay tuned.  Have a lovely sneeze-free Spring and see you soon!

Warmest Regards,