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I caught a glimpse of my Mojo. She looked a little tattered, but nothing that can’t be fixed :)

I wrote to you all the a little while back that I felt like I had lost my mojo.  I felt overwhelmed and still a bit ill with the sinus thing and just couldn’t seem to accomplish much.  But like I tend to preach to other people: It’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you handle what happens Since I wrote last,  I learned of the death of my youngest brother, as you likely know if you follow my blog.  I got the call on Sunday, June 13th.  There’s nothing like getting that kind of phone call to really put everything else you have been whining about in perspective.  You would think at my age, I wouldn’t be so prone to self pity when  not accomplishing  things that in the big picture don’t amount to much.  But everyday things quickly fell by the wayside that morning.  In fact I really didn’t know what to do but cry.  It was a call that was not completely unexpected, yet dreaded so badly.  I don’t feel like going into all the nitty gritty of his death this morning.  Maybe someday I will feel like writing it all out.  But just suffice it to say he was too young and it was unnecessary.  I am not so much angry about the loss of someone with so much potential as I am disappointed with how his life ended.  You know that sunken feeling deep inside you that makes you a little queasy when you let it.

His Friday afternoon memorial was befitting.  If a memorial can be that.  I can’t tell you how many people said to me “It’s just what Scott would have wanted.”  And every time I thought “I doubt he wanted it at all.”  My brother was not a religious person in the traditional sense.  So his memorial wasn’t handled by a preacher that wouldn’t have known him anyway.  My other brother, his son and Scott’s friends spoke about him.  And after the memorial two or three dozen people came to my house for gumbo and visiting.   The rest of the weekend was spent getting Jerry ready to head back to Tunisia early Monday morning.  Is it really Wednesday already?  I really do have to get myself together.   I need to pull myself out of the doldrums and take advantage of all the wonderful things that have found their way to me (and in turn, to YOU).  I spoke to you about some giveaways and exciting things I was working on.  Happily, they are all coming together so very nicely!  I will have a lovely giveaway/interview announcement to make very soon…and it will be the beginning of some very VERY exciting bloggery goodness!

And even though I feel like life is handing me more than my share of lemons, things are certainly not unbearable and there is so much good in my life, how can I complain much?  So I am going to look for the good.  Roll with the punches.  Work on my projects.  Share my life with you, warts and all.  And hopefully make it worth your while to come here and read my twaddle.  And I can always make us some lemonade!



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