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Photo of the Day

Since you have been subjected a photo of my toe for several days now, I think it is time to give you a little something new to look at when you visit.  Even if I can’t seem to get a post written!I just realized (unless I have missed it) I forgot to post a photo of the artwork my oldest daughter gave me for Christmas.


Isn’t it just adorable?  I LOVE it and it hangs in my kitchen.

Stay tuned, check back, book mark or whathaveyou.  I will be announcing a giveaway tomorrow!


Boy, do I have a story for you!

This story is not for the “easily queasy”.  So if you don’t want the details…stop back by tomorrow. Otherwise, proceed.



What are friends for?

If not for inspiration?  My friend Tami over at Fork Chronicles wrote something I very much needed to read.  See I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  For many reasons, not the least being, I wouldn’t keep them out of sheer self spite!  I don’t like to be given restrictions.  Not even when they are self proclaimed!  But Tami hit the nail on the head.  Do yourself a favor and mosey over to Fork Chronicles and read for yourself.

Thank Tami, I needed that.