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Crêpe Jambon Fromage!

I baked a ham night before last and of course there were leftovers.  So I took out my new LOVELY crepe maker and whipped up some crepes for lunch.  Ham, provolone and crepe — didnt have my camera out but I am making some more for supper tonight to go with a salad so I will pop some pictures on here then!  I just was so proud of myself because really they were very easy  to make! Simple et délicieux !


Hey! You trying to start something???!!!

Why, yes I am!  Sprouts and sourdough starter. I have been wanting to do both for a while.  I use to keep sprouts on hand.  Great for snacking, adding to a sandwich and adding to stir fry.  And then sourdough – been meaning to give that a whirl as well.  So we will see how it turns out. Oh and Husband planted pumpkins yesterday!  So excited about that!

And I have to tell you about this blog I found.  The Daily Coyote. Just about anyone who knows me knows I am a cat person, not a dog person.  I like dogs fine. I just don’t want to own one.  And I have my reasons.  In years past I was raising a large family and many times alone with the way Husband’s work took him away and the very last thing I needed was something that needed me.  And dogs need people.  They are very dependent creatures.  Not that they don’t give back, they certainly do.   But, I didn’t have the time nor the energy to give a dog the proper home, so we never had one.  And yes, I know coyotes and dogs are VERY different but most of the time I am drawn to cats, big and small (yes even tigers, Michelle!–or are they drawn to me!?).  But when I bounced into this blog one morning I was instantly smitten.  I am not even kidding you ~ if I baby coyote found its way into my yard, I might just have to love on it whether it liked it or not! This is Charlie and his “siblings”:

I don’t want to ruin Charlie’s beautiful story by trying to retell it~please go over and read for yourself.  You will not be sorry for the time spent and please look at the photos.  Amazing.

That’s it for this morning.  Not even a recipe.  No time.  Husband and I are off to the city for doctor appointments.  His arm/hand ~going to try to schedule his surgery.  And my yearly check up.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


Recipe of the Day #3: Lime Cilantro Butter for Corn on the Cob

Fresh corn with the husks still attached.  Pull the green husks back but dont detach. Chop off about an inch of the very tip of each ear of corn.  Be sure you have all the ummmm….errrrr…..corn…ummmm…well just be sure all the silks and anything else is removed.

  • one stick salted butter, melted
  • juice of one lime
  • 1TBSP dried cilantro

Mix all together well and brush on one ear at a time, pulling the husks back up and closing them with a piece of bakers twine.  Grill 10-12 minutes turning often.  You may brush the corn again once it is grilled.  Salt and  Pepper to taste.