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Today is National Train Day!

How about that?!

Pretty cool huh? You know I have never been on a train. Nope never. I would love to hop a train and go some place. You know like an overnight kinda trip. Where you get a sleeper car and everything. But actually there are no trains going anywhere from here. Not a one. I think I could drive to New Orleans (that’s not very likely) or over to Texas, take a bus some place else and THEN get on a train. Sounds like an ordeal to me. But I have toyed with the idea of taking a train to Philly to see my friend who lives there. Or to New York City or Vermont. Or anywhere in the North East. I figure as easily as we accomplished the Metro, surely we could hop a train. All the signs would be in English!!


For The Love of Chickens

I love chickens. Plain and simple. And repeatedly over the past few years I have mentioned it to Husband. His new reason for not keeping chickens is they will tie us down. Cats we can go off and leave with minimal concern, of course seeing that someone puts out food and water for them.  But chickens are a different story.  Eggs to be gathered.  They have to be let out during the day, penned up at night, fed, watered and pretty much “tended”.  I see his point but it doesnt make me want them less.  Another “con” is that the cats we already have and love will kill them.  I doubt that.  Though I do receive many gifts from Seamus.  Even received a lovely, though dead, flying squirrel a few days ago.  I have to admit as sorry as I was he killed the little thing, I was nonetheless impressed that he did.  Nocturnal and flying…both deterrents for a cat.  Or at least I think so.  Anywho, I don’t think Seamus would kill grown chickens.  I think they would peck his eyes out.  Not literally.  But I do think they could fend for themselves.  So last word was “Read up on this issue and be sure chickens and cats can live harmoniously before we undertake such a project.”  Will do.

So if in fact at some point I do get a few chickens, these are my favorites:

I LOVE barred rocks.  Seriously, I think they are so beautiful.  So that’s what I am contemplating these days.  That and decluttering.  I will be putting some craft books and such in my etsy shoppe so stay tuned…OHHH and also will be making the apron for the giveaway.  Its going to be sooo cute.  Maybe a fabric picture later today if I have time.

Have a great Tuesday.


Guilty Pleasures

We all have them. Mine is TV.

Five years ago I didn’t watch two hours a week. Sometimes none. Not even the weather channel. I can’t say that anymore. My new years resolution a couple of years ago was to watch more TV. One resolution I finally kept!

One of my very favorites is Top Chef. You know how semi-obsessed with food we are. So it is a family hour. Benjamin is just as interested as the rest of us. Sometimes I sit and watch and wonder how in the world some of these people ever got a job in the food industry. Seriously. This weeks challenge involved cooking for a family of four with smallish children and two of them used peanuts or peanut butter. One used it HORRIBLY I might add-in the main dish – it was YUCKY according to the judges. But with our peanut allergies I am painfully aware that you MUST BE CAUTIOUS when cooking for people you don’t know. You can kill a person pretty easily that way. And some people in the throws of hunger might forget to ask. Example: Last time we were in the city we went to TGIFriday’s. Husband told me what a great Jack Daniels steak they had. I ordered it, without any thought whatsoever as to the ingredients of the marinate – other than Jack Daniels. Well it came and it looked terrific and I got a bite almost to my mouth and smelled soy sauce. YIKES! I called the waitress over and asked. She said she didnt think so. Didnt THINK so. Not good enough. Go ask the chef. She came back, got almost to the table and yells “DON’T EAT IT!!!”. I knew it. Soy sauce. Death in a bottle. Delicious Death but Death just the same. And by the way do you know how many products contain soy? About a gazillion. The potatoes were good though. The manager came around and offered to fix me something else. But everyone would have had to wait on me then. And Husband managed to eat both our steaks – granted they were 8 ounce strips.

But back to the show. Most of the people have AMAZING knife skills…I am jealous of that. But when someone in a cooking contests sends ANYTHING out without tasting it and then admits they didn’t taste it, well in my not so humble opinion, they should be sent home for that reason alone. IMMEDIATELY. Without any further provocation. Granted many of the contestants are young and it is early in their careers but geez. Especially when you are making something up right then and there. Taste it doofus!!!

Oh, while I am coming clean today, I also watch ANTM, AI and am thoroughly obsessed with FNL and I see a ridiculous amount of Law and Order in a week’s time. LandO, LandO CI, LandO SVU…all of them. Husband and I watch pretty much all the “How to kill your wife and think you are getting away with it but, there is no perfect crime. DNA. DNA, you idiot.” shows. And I will admit here and now I love SATC. Both versions. One night I was channel surfing and found it on TBS or some such channel and it was the PG version and I instantly liked it. Why you might ask? Because it is the EXACT opposite of my real life. I couldn’t be any more different than any one of the women in the show, but I enjoyed the heck out of the PG version so I bought one set of DVD’s (I now own all 6 seasons on DVD) though I have been known to skip parts because at 48 I just don’t think I am old enough to see some of the “intimate” scenes. I LOVE Big and Carrie & Charlotte and Harry & Miranda and Steve . Samantha still scared the crap out of me. I have a love/hate/pity relationship with her. She is the most honest character I have ever watched however, her lack of values offends even me. And for that I pity her. You should have SOME values even if they are superficial and you ignore them most of the time. And yeah I am going to see the movie on or around the 30th of May. So sue me! I watch trash on TV!!! But hey I love Jane Austen, too. Though the two don’t really balance out I admit.