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Typical Winter morning here.

Gloomy and wet.  A good excuse to stay in and get that first room finished.  And some sewing done.  I have an order to get out of here ASAP! And another little something I am working on. So this is just a short and sweet “Good Morning” to you all.  I will post as I make progress – on all my endeavors.  Don’t forget to take a peek over at TheFarmHouseGourmet and get the recipe for Macaroons.  I will be in touch!  Happy Wednesday.  Oh!  And don’t forget you still have time to enter the giveaway!

Now here is your picture for today:




What exactly does that mean to me? Does it mean I can find what I need or what someone asks me for? I think I have set a goal for myself. I will have my house organized by the time my husband returns on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is VERY special to us. It is the anniversary of our first date 33 years ago. And it is our Benjamin’s birthday. And one very special gift for my very organized, together husband would be for him to walk thru the door and not recognize the house because it was so organized. And I know my life would be oh so easier if I had myself together. Today is haircut, eye appt day but tomorrow I am starting at the North East corner of my house and doing one section at the time. I am going to TAKE MY TIME AND DO IT RIGHT. There will be numerous trips to the dump as well as the storage building. I am going to stop each day before I get so tired I won’t want to finish. I want to do it in sections, stand back and admire my accomplishments and the next day move on to the next section. Now this does NOT include the children’s rooms. They are all old enough to do that themselves. So in this very small house surely I can do it in a month’s time. My shoppe will be first. OH lawd…what a mess. I kid you not, I would show you a picture but I am too embarrassed! It’s bad…ask Michelle! But I will show you as I am finished. Every nook and cranny, every closet, every cabinet, every shelf will be cleaned and dusted and straightened and rid of no longer needed/wanted items. And I will know where everything is – it will be in it’s place!

Wish me luck!

Oh…and I posted the recipe for macaroons over at TheFarmhouseGourmet.


Oh Where, Oh Where

has she gone you ask??? Well…I stole away for a couple of days with Husband.  Voilà! He was in class during the day (some work related stuff) and I did a little (too much) shopping.  I found the cutest little French Antique store.  The owner is actually French, she has been here 9 years and we had the nicest chat about our trip.  You can read more about it over at April in Paris.

I really hadnt intended on going but I couldnt say no.  Our time is so limited and it has been such a busy, busy hitch with the holidays, I admit it was a very good decision.   AND in amongst all my other shopping, I picked up a little something for the giveaway! Which as you all know is just a week away!  So…if you haven’t entered your name better mosey over there and do so.  And a couple of things I picked up for Michelle who helped me out with the kids.
The kids did just fine without me.  My friend Michelle watched the younger two for me on Monday afternoon and fed them two meals for which I am very grateful.  I know she went out of her way because that’s just how Michelle is…above and beyond the call of duty!  After all Hannah is 19.  And with Oldest Son just across the road and the two younger ones stayed with him at night.  All was well when I got home.

I spent most of my days at the fabric stores.   I have a couple of aprons ordered and I ‘thought’ I had the material for the one I havent made when THERE IT WAS…the cutest piece of fabric so…I have to get on that today and tomorrow and get those in the mail!

I will be back later with a recipe or two and as soon as the person who ordered the aprons has them in hand, I will post pictures!

Have a lovely day!

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