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A Very Big Step & A VERY Happy Birthday

at this house.  Our daughter Hannah embarks on her first ever plane trip – alone – to a big city – to visit a friend and her family until Thursday.  I am happy for her. Scared for her.  Sad for Rachel – she will miss her terribly.  Needless to say we are a very close knit family.  She is however, 19 and at her age I was married and had a child so I think she can do this without a hitch.  We are driving her to Houston to catch her flight and she will arrive at her destination before we get back home.  My little country girl being in a big city puts my whole fear of flying into perspective.  To me that is a much bigger deal.  I will give her my warnings today, no matter how redundant and obvious they may be. 

Today is Husband’s birthday!  We will catch a good meal on the way home from the airport to celebrate.  We rarely do much for his birthday as it is SO close to the holidays.  Next year will be a little different.  EVERYONE should have a party on their 50th dont you think?  

And now quickly a recipe.  This lovely concoction was my version of a Lemon Sorbet recipe made in my new Cuisinart Ice Cream maker.  There is little point in me giving you the directions part of the recipe – they would vary depending on your maker.  But these are the proportions. 


Tart, yet sweet.  Here goes:

Raspberry Lemon Sorbet 

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup club soda, or lemon lime soda
  •  1  1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1 TBSP grated lemon zest
  • 1 cup frozen raspberries (to be added at the end of the preparation time)

I better get busy…we have a big day today.  It will be very strange having one of my little chicks missing from the nest for a few days. 


Christmas Confections: Part Deux & a question…

or Partie Deux De Confections De Noël 

I talk to Husband every morning, and he always asks: Travaillez-vous à votre Français ? ummm…not enough?? Is that the most honest answer?  I don’t work on my French enough.  Not near enough.  What do I have mastered? Bonjour. Baguette et fromage et café s’il vous plait.  Merci. So I won’t starve anyway. AND I have a tutor hired for January thru March. Maybe that will help.  Actually she will not only refresh the girls’ French, teach me a little (hopefully), but also help us prepare on a cultural level and dispense travel tips.  

Well as usual I got a bit side tracked when I started making candy.  I opened the refrigerator and there was eggnog.  YUMMY.  I know, I know…bought eggnog ~ but it is about the only kind I would have.  I like it…a lot…but not enough to make it from scratch.  Especially since Ben and I and one of my brothers are the only ones who would drink it.  Of course this is non-spiked eggnog.  Dairy and alcohol do NOT mix in my opinion.  I had a bad experience with Mudslides once and couldnt even drink a glass of wine for over a year.  But back to the original subject.  There was the eggnog.  So I said to myself: “Self, that surely would be delicious in a confection.”  And so eggnog fudge was my goal.  And it worked beautifully!  I just took my old stand by “16 large marshmallow” fudge recipe and substituted the eggnog for the evaporated milk and added a tsp or so of freshly ground nutmeg at the end. Wow  Yummy! 

I didnt get to post yesterday…internet was cranky.  And I didnt have time to waste waiting on it.   

Lots of things to share and maybe if I get my work done today I will have time. I am SOOO behind telling you about our Christmas Movie watching.   

Oh…not to forget my question.  Okay, I would LOVE to wear contacts instead of glasses.  However, I don’t seem to be able to keep my eyes hydrated enough.  I definitely have the Dry Eye.  I need bifocals and I am on my second trial pair.  If any of you are middle aged, post menopausal and have successfully mastered the contact dilemma,  please advise.  Honestly if I am not watching TV I don’t wear my glasses.  I can see fine without them indoors and for close work.  I have to squint at times and find that “perfect distance from my face” for close work like sewing, but it is better than glasses, you know? 

Today, is cookie baking day.  I will get all the cut outs done this morning – both gingerbread and sugar cut outs and get them back in the freezer till the weekend when Rachel will work her art on them. I will be taking some pictures so stay tuned.  

I hope you are all getting your holiday preparations accomplished.   There is much to do, and little time!

Oh and my friend Michelle brought me the cutest apron she made me yesterday.  My camera battery is charging but when I can snap a picture I will put it up for all to see…so so cute! 

Là vous l’avez!





Volcanologist? Paleontologist? Anthropologist? Too early to tell. And a movie rant.

Yesterday was a busy science day around here. Well…just a busy day period. Didnt get a lot of “work” done on my part but fun was had by all! Rachel and Michelle’s Chelsea had Art (oil painting) class in the afternoon and when Michelle arrived to pick Rachel up (we take turns picking up and dropping off), I suggested Haley stay and play with Benjamin. They get along great. So it was agreed finally that I would just forego any roll in the car pool this week and stay here and let the little ones play. And play they did!



They dusted and gathered “fossils” for about 3 hours. Or more. It was pretty dark when they came in absolutely filthy and ready to wash up their finds. When it came time to go home, Haley protested and we caved – just kidding, none of us was tired of visiting. And we needed to find a time to exchange Christmas gifts. So, we ordered pizza, gave kids spit baths, exchanged gifts (pictures tomorrow of the beautiful PERFECT candle holders Michelle gave me – they match my living room just perfectly!) and popped in “Waitress“. Before I get into my review of this movie I have to show you quickly what Ben and I were doing at 10:30 last night.


Michelle & girls gave Benjamin a Volcano kit for Christmas and he was so excited. Just couldnt wait till today! I have to admit, it was pretty fun!

Okay…now the movie. Yeah, we missed a Christmas movie to watch this. I normally love independent films. Really I do. I will prepare you…this is a rant. Against many things. So if you dont need a rant this morning better run along now.


And I don’t know why exactly this one offended me so much. Yeah, really I do know. The only redeeming thing in this film was Andy Griffith. I love Andy Griffith. He is like the uncle I never actually met. I grew up with him. He has a place in my heart like Johnny Carson and Lucille Ball. Just part of my life growing up. If it werent for his crotchety character, I dont know if I could have finished watching it. Oh, to be honest there were a couple of other things I liked. I love pies. So that was interesting. I love diners. So that was okay. I kinda dig retro waitress uniforms. So the movie had that. Otherwise it was tasteless (no pun intended) and demeaning to so many kinds of people. And BELIEVE me I am not a prude when it comes to movies. I will watch pretty much anything and find something I like in it. I loved Very Bad Things – quite possibly the most tasteless movie I have ever watched to date. There was something so great about Cameron Diaz’s character getting Exactly. What. She. Deserved. She was going to have the perfect wedding, all else be damned. And she got it…and all that came afterwards. NOT a family flick by anyone’s measure. There are prostitutes, drug use, infidelity, murder…but in the end, you find out that getting what you want, what you really really want, may be the worst thing that can happen to you. Oh great now I have that stupid Spice Girls song stuck in my head “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.” ggggrrrrr. So I liked a tasteless movie. More than one I am sure.
Oooooppps…got side tracked. Just trying to make a point that I dont just watch G rated movies. I can handle movies with murder and mayhem. But there has to be some other levels of entertainment to it. Otherwise it mimics real life too much and if you want murder and mayhem and no entertainment, read a newspaper. Ya know? So back to this waste of my time. Oh…I guess I should tell you, this is the second time I watched it in a week. Yep. I had to watch it with my friend Michelle the second time, to see if maybe I was just having an off night or if it really was as bad as I thought. It was as bad as I thought.

If you plan to watch it and dont want spoilers stop here. Otherwise… (more…)

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