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Summer Book Club at Small Meadow Press

Over at Small Meadow Press – Lesley is hosting a Summer Book Club.  If you are interested, and why wouldnt you be??, click on over and join her.  I just found out my library has a 1955 first printing, so I am putting on hold for Hannah to pick up for me tomorrow.  Sounds like something I NEED to read at this point in my life.  So come why dont you join us!  A big thank you to Lesley – what a great book choice!


Apology Forthcoming

I have really really let you all down on the book club.  Maybe it wasnt such a great idea for me to add something to my already completely ridiculous list of things to do.  Maybe, just maybe you all have enjoyed the books and won’t be too upset that I have been, at best, absent.

I would like to encourage you all to finish Persuasion.  Discuss it at will over on the book club page.  Take advantage of the questions if they make you think a bit more about Jane Austen’s point of the writing.

Maybe when I return from my trip I will be in a bit of a better place to play hostess to all of you who have been so eager to join and share with each other and me.  Right now I just cannot seem to even squeeze the reading into my day (or night).

In 3 short weeks my bags should be packed and sitting by the back door waiting for me to finish last minute cleaning and bill paying and tidying up lose ends.   I honestly thought 6 or 8 weeks ago that I had myself all organized and quite frankly I did.  At least compared to what seemed to be a year of disarray and confusion.

As you might can tell from my writing this morning, the magnitude of what is before me for the next three weeks has slapped me in the face.  Not having second thoughts, not dreading it in anyway but the fact is I have to focus on getting all of us ready and my home in order.

So I hope you can all accept my sincere apology.  If anything maybe my efforts here has caused some of us to read something (and enjoy it) we might never have read.

Now your picture of the day.  This is kinda how I feel – wound a little tight! Rachel, of course, took the photo.



Remodel Updated Again PLUS Big Apron Givaway News! And where I live!

These are the shelves and cabinets sans book and such. I will wait a couple of weeks before putting anything on them to be sure the paint is cured. It has been very wet and cold and it just takes longer in this weather. But aren’t they lovely?




Now about the apron giveaway!! I am so excited! momomadeit over on etsy has offered up a copy of this lovely pattern to add to the giveaway!

Actually I thought I would just ask her about it sort of an added gift because quite frankly it is one of the nicest patterns I have ever bought. 


Then when I approached her, she said she had already thought of it!!  Great Minds!!! You can read all about it at her shop but the pattern pieces are amazing…made from Pellon graph material and it is amazing! It will last forever! I personally hope she designs more patterns for sale!

Now for Kim’s answer ~ We live in beautiful North West Central Louisiana…18 miles from the Texas state line. We have lived here for 35 years (husband for 42 years) except for two years that we lived in Borger Texas when we first married. In fact we were married there. And our oldest was born there. But we longed for trees and rain and a garden and just to be home. This is home. Kim, if you need more specific directions email. Are you getting up a trip??? Want have a hen party for anyone who lives close enough???

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