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Organic Cotton Towels!

Look peeps, I cannot explain to you about these towels and do them justice. I am your typical homemaker, I get excited over new things for our home just like everyone else…but these are the best towels I have ever owned. Bar none. Middle Daughter comes prancing out of the bathroom all wrapped up and oooing and aahhhing over them. They are so plump and luxurious! I know many of you are not blessed to have a Belk around the corner, so either go to their website or to MaryJanesFarm and order them. You will not be disappointed.


Another Lovely Cookbook

Okay…I have a thing for books…especially cookbooks…even more especially BEAUTIFUL cookbooks. This is a gem I tell you!
You might wonder how one could devote 300 or so pages to eggs. Well Chef Michael Roux had no difficulties whatsoever. And photographer Martin Brigdale does every recipe justice. It is absolutely gorgeous! From egg basics to so many amazing recipes…this book is a must have. You will not be sorry you bought this book!

I admit I have always had a special place on my “these are a few of my favorite things” list, for eggs. I love the colors, the texture, the unlimited use for the egg.

Eggs by Michael Roux
Photography by Martin Brigdale

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