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Apron Find! And of course, I love chickens! DUH!

aprondaysOn the back of this picture is written in my grandmother’s hand “Christmas at D.D. Bellah’s 1933”.  That was my great grandfather’s place somewhere in Texas…I am not sure right of the top of my head the exact location but in Throckmorton County I think.  That is my great grandmother at the far right of the picture in the LOVELY full apron!  But look across the picture…all the ladies have on aprons!

I have been going thru pictures as I have a minute or two and this one jumped out at me!  As did this one:

dessieandchickensThis is my mom’s only sister Dessie.  She looks like a rough customer doesn’t she? She was!  But my love of chickens evidently is genetic!   I am so much like Dessie was.  In many, many good ways and then in some…um…not so desirable ways!  Short fuse, easily distracted…spoiled…but the good things: love to sew, cook, craft, garden…the list is long!  Plus she had a husband like mine…so near perfect it was almost unfair!  Ganky (that’s what I called Dessie) was 3 when this was taken in Fullerton, Louisiana.

Update on Round Robin tomorrow as well as giveaway announcement so stay tuned!


Last Day to Enter My Crazy Chick Giveaway!

Great response so far! I will be drawing tomorrow, as you know.  I have one small request ~ when you leave me a comment, leave your blog link where it asks  for it.  I would LOVE to visit your blogs as well, leave you a note and put you in my faves.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and good luck!

I have a busy day ahead. I am going to clean out my refrigerator…LONG over due.  And organize my fabrics.  TALL order on that one.  But it MUST be done.  And soon!  They are a wreck!

I will see you all here tomorrow with the winner’s name and at least one great recipe!



Grow my own wheat you say?


Sounds intriguing.  VERY.  See I might have hinted at the fact, in previous posts, that I need a new focus.  Seriously.  I know, I know, I have cookbooks in the future but you see that is not actual work.  Its brainwork.  But outside of standing on my feet to test recipes there is very little real energy spent.  I am not one to exercise, persay.  In fact I have a membership to a gym that I havent stepped foot in for oh…maybe…6 months.  And when I did it was sporatic and without any heart whatsoever. But this little email alert caught my attention.  I subscribe to a newsletter from TreehuggerI admit many times I dont read any of it and why I started reading it this morning I dont really know.  It might have been the lead-in headline “Vandals in Paris”.  That caught my eye.  But the next article really caught my eye! Forget the 100 Mile Diet, Try the 100 Yard Diet: Grow your own bread! So I clicked through and really loved what I read. The author claims a 100 by 109 foot plantation, roughly the size of a suburban lawn, could produce 120 pounds of wheat per season, thus giving a family 2 loaves of bread a week for a year. Now that’s information I need.  We have roughly 3 acres of yard to mow.  So this article will be passed along to Husband who just might find it more appetizing that the chicken house I have been practically begging for.  Actually, I think we are real close to reaching a compromise about the chicken house.  He even showed me last week where we might put one.  I tried not to get too excited.  But inside I was jumping for joy!  Here chicky, chicky, chicks!