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Counting down the days and a Recipe too!

Everyone around here is counting down the days.  Different days!  I am counting down to the 20th when Husband returns.  Benjamin is counting down the days to the 23rd when our festivities begin!  Rachel, well Rachel is like her dad…laid back and watching everyone else get crazy!  Hannah is counting down the days until her trip to Miami on the 29th.  If I don’t get myself in gear I am going to miss something! 

I am putting the final touches on a very special apron I am making.  It is for a customer who has never had an apron and like I said before I want it to be perfect.  Or as close as I can get!  It will go out in today’s mail. Rachel has a library program today and I am going to take it with me and let my friend try it on (she’s about the same size as my customer) and see how it looks on a real person and not a size 2 dress form!

I made a little road trip by myself yesterday to get this huge co-op I have been working on to the Fedex office and to have an eye appointment to see about contacts.  Hold up…CONTACT.  He prescribed ONE contact.  Weird but I will give it a whirl.   I am going do my best but I’ll just bet I end up staying with my glasses.  My eyes are a bit dry and that and contacts dont mix well…or so I hear.  

 Now for your recipe.  I called my brother next to me (cooking show niece’s dad) and asked him what he wanted me to put on the list for Christmas food.  I feel like I really have to step up here.  Every Christmas for the past 30 years was at my parents house and there are just certain food items that need to be present when everyone gathers at my house this year.  I said to him I had plans to make him sweet and sour meatballs – something my mom made for him several times a year.  And then he says there are two things he wants : Date Nut Roll and Martha Washington Candy.  Can do.  Will do.  He was very specific about the Date Nut Roll.  No slicing and putting in on a plate or something silly.  It has to be left in the refrigerator rolled in a damp dish towel.  We are to unroll it cut off a hunk, reroll and put it back.  Can do. Will do.  Here is the recipe for

Date Nut Roll

  • 2 c. sugar
  • 1 c. evaporated milk
  • 1 tbs. butter
  • 8 oz. dates, seeded and chopped
  • 1 c. nuts (black walnuts or pecans), chopped
  1. Combine sugar, milk and butter. Cook until soft ball (230F). Add dates and nuts. Stir.
  2. Let cool. Pour out on damp cloth and roll up. When firm, unroll and cut into small pieces. (we wont be cutting it of course!)

While I was out in town yesterday, I bought a few tins for cookies and candy.  I will begin those things Monday and will do my very best to post recipes and pictures as I go.  There are a few families I need to make a goody box for. My brother’s family being one of them.  I want to send them home the night of the 23rd with some thing they can have for their own Christmas.  My dear sister in law works and doesnt have a lot of time for baking.  And their family loves cut out cookies so those will go in the package for them. 

Let’s see what else…we have missed a couple of nights for our Christmas movies.  We had a couple of Christmas cooking shows Ben and I wanted to watch.  That boy loves cooking shows.   Especially Good Eats with Alton Brown.  And last night my son Nathan and his wife came to exchange Christmas presents.  She is going to Washington to be with her sister.  And my son wont be home for Christmas.  The kind of work he does, he is only home about 5-7 days a month.  And this year it wont be on Christmas.  They brought me the coolest LCD scrapbook! I would love to tell you what we got them but some of it is the same that we bought for others who read this blog and either they will be mad we didnt get it for them…or they will figure out that we did! So…that will be for a after the holiday post. 

I guess I better get myself up and at it.  Apron to finish, kitchen to clean, ONE more batch of soap to make (special order…someone’s dad LOVES Farmgirl Clean™!) 



Christmas Movie #4

A Charlie Brown Christmascharlie-brown-tree.jpg

We come VERY close to buying these:



We were in Houston shopping at Urban Outfitters. We kept going back looking at the little tree. So cute. And I have been watching Charlie Brown Christmas since it came out in 1965.

Busy busy day tomorrow! Another one. But I am winding up orders and such and will soon start on all that cookie dough. I am looking foward to that!

Have a good evening. See you all soon!


I want what I want. Within reason.


This very well may be the cutest cupcake wrapper I have ever seen. Granted, I have not seen that many cupcake wrappers. Mostly papers. And I have been known to possess unreasonable numbers of cupcake papers at times. Okay, most of the time. I have a thing for cupcakes. You can ask Husband. He finds it rather amusing sometimes. We will be discussing a menu for whatever shindig we are planning. And at the very end he will say something like ~ “Oh dont forget the cupcakes. Like you would.” Or “and of course cupcakes.” But you know as much as I love cupcakes and I have the specific cupcake books to prove it (three at this time), even I will not pay $1 a piece to wrap them. As cute as they would be. And festive. And you know good and well they would probably even taste better wrapped in these filigree cupcake wrappers from FancyFlours. But since I tend to make 3-5 dozen when I make them, anyway you add that up there is $40-$60 dollars. Oooo that’s sounds so much worse than $1 each. So I must move on.

The co-op is actually going better than planned. I believe I will actually get it out of here tomorrow instead of Friday as originally thought. Which is a good thing. I have to finish the “very special” apron I am making and I have a couple more to cut and sew. And come Monday, I have to start putting cookie dough in the freezer and getting everything prepared for the holiday. I will try to post a menu soon. And some photos of my Holiday Notebook.

Unless I am very sadly mistaken, I believe I am finished with my gift purchases. They are not all in, but they are all on the way or already under the tree. I still have to make and put together goodies for family and friends but not until the week of Christmas.

We were all so pooped last night we skipped our Christmas Movie. But as Benjamin pointed out, we dont have quite 24 in our possession so it’s okay to skip a night or two. He and I had a couple of cooking shows with holiday themes, that we wanted to watch and by the time those were over, we just wanted to go to sleep.

We drove over Sunday afternoon to Oldest Daughters, order in pizza and walked downtown to look at some of the lights. Here was my favorite window display. Kaffie -Frederick has been selling my soaps since 1999. Luke Frederick was my first wholesale customer outside my little town. The store is just amazing. Like stepping back in time.



It is very VERY hard to take pictures of the lights without them being blurred. But here are a couple of fairly clear ones.



Well…got lots to do today. Have a great one!

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