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Happy Birthday Jessica!

To: Jessica

I know, it was yesterday.  And I tossed this post around for two days trying to decide whether to post it or not.  I couldn’t even save it as a draft because you are able to see it then.  You don’t put that many pictures up on your blog so I didn’t want to overstep a grown child’s privacy and Jess, you by far are my most private child,  but I can’t help it.  I guess you can always take it down if you don’t like it! 😉 Here it is my photo tribute to a very special daughter. My oldest daughter who has been my friend as long as my child.  We have what I consider one of the best relationships of my life.  I tried very hard to let my kids grow up and leave the nest and me not “get in their business” once they have.  Jessica has made this easy because she has always been “grown”.  How would I have raised the others without you?









Fall is in the air!

Even around here!  When I stepped outside to feed the cats at 4 a.m., it was almost chilly!  Almost!  I LOVE IT!

We have a busy day today – getting ready for a little anniversary trip.  Tomorrow is our 32nd wedding anniversary!  I can’t believe it has been 32 years.  Time has flown by. We rented a cabin at the lake for tonight and tomorrow night.  We will be home by noon Friday – but don’t worry I have recipes ready for Friday Baking! This weekend will be spent sewing, visiting with family, eating and enjoying one last weekend before we start back to school.  Homeschool that is.  We always start the first Monday of September and were happy it fell on the 7th this year.  Our lives seem so busy these last few months, getting back on a school schedule will be very welcome.

See you all around these parts Friday!


Bienvenue September!

So starts my favorite time of year…followed by my second favorite!  I love Autumn and Winter.  I really can’t believe today is September 1st.  Where did the Summer break go?  We will start school next Monday, as usual ~ the first Monday in September.  Today we are off to the big city for dr appts and groceries.  And maybe a new bbq pit.

I started a fan page over on facebook – but have no idea now what to do with it!  Time will tell I suppose.

Have a great Tuesday!