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Day Four, a Recipe and More!



My latest creation…

While sitting at my mom’s this week I decided to do something to feel like I had accomplished something.


So here you go.  I LOVE the colors together.  Now what should I do with it?  I might save it for when I reopen my shoppe.  I think it came out pretty cute.  Mom would love it.  Her favorite color is yellow.


Happy Mother's Day! And looking forward to Summer's arrival.

I decided to dwell on the wonderful things about this Mother’s Day.  I am thankful I am able to celebrate it!

  • I get to spend this Mother’s Day with my mom.  And cook for her for a change.
  • A mommy 6 times, how blessed am I?
  • Wonderful, happy relationships with each one of my children.  We dont always agree but we all love each other tremendously.  I know there are 6 people who have my back no matter what.
  • I get to spend my Mother’s Day with not only 5 of my 6 children (one is working away from home) but I get to spend it with my little grandson!
  • I have an apron I made for my mom – already gave her a couple of things I had bought for her.

The list could be endless but these are the ones that immediately came to my mind this early morning.  I will be up and busy in just a minute.  Cooking things I know my mom likes to eat.  Even sweets.

Mom is in such good spirits even with all the negative news as of late.  She is at peace with what has been diagnosed.  She knew already something was wrong and knowing her like I do, I know she thought of the worst case – probably first.

I just have so much to be thankful for this Mother’s Day, I can’t cry anymore over what is happening.  I am happy to cook and serve food today, share a meal with my loved ones.

Oh and I have a special little gift for my youngest son and my youngest niece!  Chef hats!  Real ones!  They LOVE to make cooking shows – we have several dvd’s of them.  And I feel Youngest Niece will spend lots of time with us this summer and they will have a blast.  I will post some of the clips if her parents give me permission.  They are TOO cute.  Greatest line ever from Benjamin, 11 ” Who does he think he is?  Tom Colicchio?” How many 11 year olds know who Tom Colicchio is ? Season Two of this project should be great!  I am making them aprons for the show as well.  With their names.  And I have two great cookbooks for children to present them with. We will have a fun summer!  They have quite the process.  They sit and write the script, gather supplies, do a run thru and then do a filming (courtesy of Rachel’s extraordinary filming skills!).  Then they all sit down and Rachel edits it for them and burns each of them a DVD.  So yeah…homeschooling never ends around here!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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