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National Apron Day is May 14! Wear your aprons with Pride! Plus a GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: About comments…I have my comments on approval. So it may take a while to post. Dont worry I look several times a day! If any of you have had any experience with “unsavory” characters posting comments, you understand this! So happy all you apron wearers are stopping by!!!

I first heard about National Apron Day over at MaryJanesFarm…duh. Where do I get ALL my information??? Anywho, I pretty much wear an apron all day everyday…cept when I run into town. And I have been know to get there and realize I haven’t taken it off! I have a variety of aprons as you have seen on this website. I am finishing up one for an apron swap I am in over on MJF and then I am making one to GIVE AWAY right here on NotQuiteJuneCleaver! All you have to do is leave me a comment between now and Mother’s Day, May 13. I will copy your name onto a piece of paper and put it in a mason jar. On the morning of May 14, National Aprons Day I will have one of the children draw a name. The prize is a handmade apron NotQuiteJuneCleaver Original (always check the pocket for something extra)!

Now here are some buttons I made. Thanks to Patricia over at MJF for the great catch phase!

Have a great day!

And remember: Life gets messy…wear your apron!

vote1.jpg vote2.jpg

Working on more banners!


More Aprons~

SO these are for gifts but geez….I want to keep this one SOOO badly.


I will just have to make another one…not exactly but “like” it. LOVE the layered look…the hidden pocket…LOVE IT completely. And I LOVE to mix fabrics. My house is a testament to that. Mixie Matchie.

Here are the other two aprons I made this week…you can “enlargen” them if you like, by clicking on them.


In a definite sewing mood now. Got so much fabric to make up into aprons. Then I suppose I will put them on the shoppe site to help them find new homes.

I will do my best to post some recipes in the next week. Going out of town for a few days so it maybe a week.

I do LOVE that apron but I made it SPECIFICALLY for someone so I MUST give it…must…have to. With a glad heart.


Never Trust A Woman Who Doesn't Wear An Apron!

I have been in the sewing mood lately.  Just really so overwhelmed in so many areas – sewing is my therapy.  The Winds of Change are a blowin’ in the business part of my life.  And in my personal life…well it’s pretty windy here too.  We are cooking for the clan tonight and then tomorrow morning we are off to MFAH to see 135 French Masterpieces on loan from the MET.  We are all very excited about that.

Anywho…here is the apron I am working on right now. Can’t tell much about it but it is a full coverage apron. Then I have a teeny tiny apron to make and a half apron.   And isnt my label too cute?


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