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Photo of the Day

Since you have been subjected a photo of my toe for several days now, I think it is time to give you a little something new to look at when you visit.  Even if I can’t seem to get a post written!I just realized (unless I have missed it) I forgot to post a photo of the artwork my oldest daughter gave me for Christmas.


Isn’t it just adorable?  I LOVE it and it hangs in my kitchen.

Stay tuned, check back, book mark or whathaveyou.  I will be announcing a giveaway tomorrow!


I am happy to tell you

I don’t have a hernia after all.  I spent all day in Shreveport, several hours of which were in a waiting room because my doctor had an unscheduled surgery.  But it wasn’t too bad.  It has been a long time since I spent the day by myself.  Even if it was in the midst of 200,000 other people.  Back to my “thing” ~ just a bit of strained muscle.  Time will heal.

WOW did I come home to lots of comments to read and approve.  I will keep approving them until time for the drawing (noon CST Wednesday).  Thanks for all the input, comments and compliments…and GOOD LUCK to each of you!


White Lily Flour Accolade, An Offer and Shoppe Update!

I unabashedly recommend White Lily self rising flour for all your biscuit needs. Having said that, I cannot recommend it for things such as cookies, yeast breads ets.  But for a biscuit I have not found any better.  I want to now “put my money where my mouth is” so to speak.  I will happily do the legwork for the rest of you who cannot buy White Lily flour in your local grocery store.  Both my younger girls work at my local grocery and they happily started carrying White Lily just for me.  I would be happy to ask them to order me a couple of cases if any of you would like to buy it.  I have done a bit of cost anaysis for you and you can decide if it would be worth it.  The flour costs $3.75 for 5 pounds.  If you ordered two 5 pound bags and I flat rate shipped it via USPS your total cost per batch of biscuits (I get about 15-16) would be $1.68 or 11cents per biscuit.  If you think it is worth it, then email me privately and we will get on it!

Now having said all that! I will be offering the Biscuit 101 kit in my shoppe, beginning Thursday…okay that cat is out of the bag!  The booklet, pastry cloth, cutter and 2 # bag of flour will be in a kit – ready for gifting (or keeping 😉 ) and all components will be available separately as well – maybe even my once famous granola one day.  But the bigger bags of flour I will be happy to get for you on an individual basis as you need them.  All you have to do is ask.  Well, and pay for it of course 😉


The shoppe will not be on etsy at this time.  I still own my domain thesoapmaven and I will have a shoppe attached to that site.   Little does my oldest know, I need a banner made (ASAP- I know she has nothing better to do- HAHA) – she did such a great job on this one.  I will be offering, cookbooks, handmade aprons, coffees, baking kits…you know homekeeping/kitchen goodies!  The inventory will grow as I feel I can manage it.  This is my way of getting back to things.  Slow and steady!  But eventually I want it to be THE place to go for unique, useful homemaking items.  For now I am going to keep the name a secret…you will find that out when I post a link to the shoppe on Thursday.  I will take paypal or credit cards over the phone.  I won’t have a toll free because frankly almost everyone in the world has free long distance these days.  This is a bit of a change from my soap business which brought me the 60 hour a week work schedule and my kitchen being tied up constantly with soap stuff.

So there you have it.  I have been thinking about this for a while.  Why I can’t just keep house, teach kids and such I do not know.  I have always had my little “butter and egg” money and it is a hard habit to break.  I think it is a need for community connection of sorts…though the community is vastly different now with the internet!  And FYI, it seems I am getting back into baking for folks locally.  On a very small scale.  My first order is a Boston Cream Pie for my oldest and dearest customer from back in the day…like 30 years back!

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