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Go Green & Say NO to Plastic!

I told you I would have some ideas and a giveaway!  Meant to get this up yesterday but weather was a priority and I just didn’t get it finished!

Here’s the rub: TRY to reduce your NEW plastic purchases this month.  I said TRY!  This is going to be one of those things where we all have to take baby steps.  I know I will.  I still forget my reusable grocery sacks too often! Plus there are things that will always be packaged in plastic, and hopefully it is recyclable.  It’s that disposable plastic that is so regrettable and preventable.  And then there is the toxicity factor that I do not know enough about to write anything worth reading I am afraid to say.  But it IS something I will we looking into.  That I promise you.

To enter to win TWO of these lovely glass refrigerator dishes like you see below, simply leave me a comment about what you are going to do to try and reduce your plastic purchases.  New ideas are welcome!  Take a peek to the right at all the cool items I found for reducing your need to carry plastic for your lunch etc.  And great replacements for  the plastic you use now. Click on the pictures and you will be taken to the purchase area at  Easy Peasy!


I have several sizes in these glass refrigerator dishes and I LOVE THEM!  LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!  Now this little green giveaway will be a quicky so don’t dilly dally around.  Get your name in by leaving a comment and idea if you have one.  Or just your pledge to TRY to reduce your plastics.  I will draw the winner this Saturday at noon so you have until then.  But hey, Sunday when you venture over to see who won, guess what!  Another giveaway!  Not kidding.   This will be a Valentine themed giveaway with recipes and a product to win, so stay tuned!  Yummy stuff coming up!

Thanks so much for the time you spend here and know I do appreciate your comments and encouragement.  Have a lovely evening and try to stay warm!


Winter Garden

So it is officially Winter.  Happy Solstice to you all!  I wanted to stay up or get up and watch the eclipse but I just didn’t have it in me.  I took a muscle relaxer ~ my hands and forearms were cramping like crazy, not to mention my back ~ and rolled over the first time at 6:38 this morning.  I have had my yogurt and coffee and thought I would share some gardening pictures on this very warm, muggy first day of Winter 2010.







With temperature close to 75 today, I am going out to open the greenhouse and water everything really well.  Hopefully the cooler temperatures will return by the weekend and not dampen our lettuces’ perkiness!


Guest Post! Sofia’s Dream – a book every child needs to have read to them!

A note from NotQuiteJuneCleaver: This is a VERY special post this lovely Tree-hugging Tuesday! Thank you Dani – you are a lifesaver and this book is BEAUTIFUL!

Like any author, Land Wilson was influenced by many people. As a young child, he met someone whose teachings and passion for nature would forever affect his life.  He had the privilege of getting to know the world-acclaimed naturalist/teacher and conservationist, Elizabeth Terwilliger.  She was a generous neighbor who gave nature tours to the area children, creating cherished memories for them all.  Mrs. T., as the kids fondly referred to her, would go on to receive many national awards including being honored in 1984 at the White House for her 40 years of volunteer work teaching children about nature.
Sofia's Dream Mrs. Terwilliger with William, Daphne & Anna

The more Land learned about nature over the years, the more he learned that the health of our environment was at the mercy of human beings. His interviews with astronauts and their comments about seeing the precious, beautiful Earth from space led him to write a story about a little girl who dreams of visiting the Moon. In Sofia’s Dream the Moon helps her see her home through his wise and somewhat sad eyes. Little Sofia feels moved to do everything she can to help the planet when she awakens.

In the author’s Earth Talks with Kids at school assemblies, he says the message in the book is for people of every age. His hope is that grown-ups also come away with something from Sofia’s Dream. []


The story brings Mrs. T. and Land’s growing up full circle, too. His best friend in the neighborhood was Sandro, whose daughter is now best friends with Land’s daughter, Georgia. And Sandro’s daughter is Sofia. Mrs. T. would likely be delighted by that!

We hope we’ve piqued your interest in this sweet lullaby story written for children. The publisher, Little Pickle Press, is committed to environmental stewardship, and the books are printed and shipped in an environmentally friendly manner using recycled paper, soy inks, and green packaging. [] They also donate 10% of proceeds to Starlight Children’s Foundation.

And there’s more! If you’d like to participate in a drawing for the book, leave your name and email address in the comments here.

There is also a grand prize drawing all week for a cute pickle-green iPod Shuffle.

Ipod shuffle Capture

Go to the Little Pickle Press blog and sign up there for a chance to win! Also included are the original tunes from Little Pickle Press created for the book titles. Directions on how to enter are at the blog. []

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