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Winter is on the way.

berriesApparently, there is a bit of a Northern supposed to blow in later today.  The temperatures steadily dropping into the low 30’s by tonight.  I know, I know, not cold for many of you.  But for us it’s pretty cold.  And to be even colder by next week, dipping into the 20’s.  BRRRRR! Not much else happening on this homefront.  I have my sewing area clean and ready to go.  When I can decide what to serge first!

sewingareaFrankly, probably something for a giveaway since I havent done one in a while.  Or something for my etsy shoppe which I would love to get up and running.

Still waiting on Husband to type up the Potato-Leek soup…maybe later today.

You all stay warm and I will catch you later.


Scenes from Supper

greenbeansI am not feeling terribly inspired to write this morning.  Trying to find my inspiration and nursing a bit of a headache.  These weather changes really aggravate me!  Cold or hot- make up your mind!  So I will post you a few ‘”foodie” pictures from last night’s very delicious supper of Tandoori Lamb and sides.



And here are the beginnings of dessert.  I made crepes.  I whipped up the batter and it chilled while we ate supper.  Then I offered up strawberry, blueberry, peach, Nutella or citrus sugar for filling.  Served with homemade whipped cream.  Very delicious.  And I had enough crepes left over (see notes below) for today if we like


I have more pictures to post but will save them for later.  Oh…and here is a glimpse of my new prairie skirt.


I LOVE it.  I ordered if from Urban Prairie Girl (etsy- DUH)

Oh yeah, one more thing ~ in honor of Thoughtful Thursday I will leave you with this:

‘The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.’  — Frank Barron

Notes on Crepes:

For immediate use: Stack crepes as they are baked and keep covered. Store at room temperature.

To refrigerate: Wrap stacked crepes well in foil or plastic wrap and store in refrigerator for no more than two or three days. Let the crepes stand at room temperature about an hour before filling or serving.

To freeze: Separate crepe layers with wax paper and put in a tightly sealed container. Crepes will freeze well for up to four months but handle with care as frozen crepes are fragile and will break easily.

Allow crepes to thaw completely before unwrapping and separating to prevent tearing.

Filled crepes may be frozen but use discretion in selecting fillings. Choose foods that normally freeze well and remember that crepes absorb liquid easily and become soggy.


Holiday Goodies!


Inside the lovely sewing box- isn’t it so very cute?


And my smell good from Hannah and Rachel…and a book from Rachel as well…



Then the goodies from my son Nathan and his wife Lindsay:




And last but certainly not least…TADA!!!!
My new serger!

And last but not least…TADA!!! My new serger from Husband!

Today will be a lazy relaxing day hopefully.  Husband is putting on a pot of potato-leek soup before the ball games come on and I think I will do a bit of reading and sewing.  I will get his recipe posted when he writes it out for me.