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Please Read: Drawing From Last Week

Dear Friends,

In all the hullabaloo surrounding Hurricane Ike, I forgot about the drawing pertaining to Suz’s interview. Please forgive me and know that I will draw THIS Monday morning, so you still have time to enter!  The gift is still a secret…so stay tuned!

Thanks for understanding!


No Worse for Wear

We made it through Ike safe and sound and had our power restored by nightfall.  We really didnt have much to complain about.  There are lots of limbs down but that is very VERY minor.  Having my laundry and dishes all done and the house fairly orderly when we lost power was a great thing.  I am not always that ready, I promise.

Seeing the pictures of the devastation is just gut-wrenching.  How people will ever recover is beyond me. 

I can’t imagine, but I know it must be such an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

Ike was such a massive storm.  Not so powerful as in wind strength.  There have been much higher winds recorded.  But the amount of water that was displaced is amazing.  And frightening.

Water is such a strong, scary force of nature.  So powerful. Tossing things around like toothpicks.

It will be a long road to recovery.


Ike Rolls In-Worst Yet to Come for Us

There is a terrible mess left in Ike’s path.  I am sure there will be reports of loss of life as some folks chose not to leave the area around Galveston and Houston, for various reasons.  They are expecting 5 million people to be without power before it is all over.  Maybe more.

We are hold up at my mom’s house.  It is brick and no trees close to the house.  It is so well insulated, I have to look outside to see if it is raining.  Right now we are under a tornado watch and periodically there are gusts but so far not too strong.  We will have great downpours of rain for brief periods and then it will almost stop completely as these storm bands make their way around.

I am seeing pictures on the weather channel and it is just horrible.  So much water.  So many vehicles that will be of no use when this is over.  Not to mention the 10-15 feet of water that is in homes and businesses.  And of course, you probably know this, but the majority of gasoline for the US is refined in that area.  So I can only imagine what will happen with gasoline prices if they are damaged and down for any length of time.

I sure like seeing daylight this morning.  It is much more stressful to go thru bad weather in the dark.  We have maintained power but as I said in the title ~ the worst is yet to come for us.  South of us if you look on the map, there are red and orange storm cells.  I feel like they will extend the tornado warnings for most of today.

Thankfully, the girls don’t have to go into work today.  The grocery store they work in is closed due to the weather expectations.  I am so glad because a lot of people that work there have to drive a good distance and being on the road is a bad idea at this time.

I just heard on the weather channel that Houston is just now getting much more water coming in – it is 8 a.m. there.  I remember my aunt and uncle lived in Houston going thru Alicia in 1983.  Of course they rode it out. My uncle went thru WW2 in Germany, France and Italy so it was pretty hard to scare him.  In the aftermath and flooding, he got in his fishing boat and trolled up and down the streets of his neighborhood rescuing pets and people taking them to higher ground.  At one point they had water 3 ft in their house.

We left the little kitties in the laundry room at our house last night so I think before it gets real bad I will go down and check on them and refill their water and food bowls.

I will check in with you all later if we have power and internet.  I hope you are all safe and sound.  I know some who visit here are right in the path.