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And the survey says!


Disclaimer: This cute ? little schoolgirl with the evil smile is NOT me. I don’t know who she is but she looks to me like the kind that would put strychnine in the well! I just found her oddly amusing when I was perusing old stock photos on a website I LOVE. I do however think the rickity rack on her puffy sleeve dress is a-dorable!

With school starting up again my thoughts turn to breakfast. My mom used to get up at the crack of dawn and fix these elaborate breakfasts for us before school. Well as a homeschooling mom who quite frankly thinks cereal is a fine breakfast most mornings, I wonder what others put in front of their kiddos in the mornings. Benjamin is on a cinnamon toast kick right now. The kind you make under the broiler and the cinnamon/sugar gets all yummy and caramelized. YUMMMM. He also will eat the heck out of grits…any day, any time. The girls almost always eat cereal. So here’s your survey question:

What do you feed your family on a weekday? If you don’t have children, what do you eat for your breakfast?

My answer: cereal, grits, toast and I usually have yogurt topped with some grapenuts or homemade granola, and coffee…LOTS of coffee.

We do have a blowout breakfast every now and again. The first few days Husband is back home I do it up right. He needs to get his strength back so he can cook for us! Plus the man is hungry when he gets back home and needs some serious protein-rich meals. At holidays he always cooks his famous sausage-egg-cheese thing for the whole crowd. Waving at you Michelle, cause I think y’all liked it too even if you did have to have catsup!!! The man can cook. Oldest son is here with Wild Man Sam for the weekend and he said last night he really didn’t know anyone that could cook like his Dad. “Not that you aren’t a good cook Mom. But dang, Dad is unbelievable.” Awwww, isn’t he a nice boy? This conversation took place over salmon patties I whipped up. I know he was thinking if Dad were here we’d be eating some sort of gourmet salmon concoction. But the salmon patties were good. My Mom had specifically asked for them and she really enjoyed them.

Tonight…what to cook? I think I will ask her what sounds good to her. At this point in her illness she is still able to enjoy food so I like to defer to her wants. There will come a time before long I am afraid that just getting her to eat anything will be an accomplishment. She told me she is calling her dr on Monday morning and telling him she needs something new for pain. I knew these days were coming but I still dreaded them. And it is only going to get worse. Okay enough of that! I have lots to be happy about. So let me be!

Oh…picked up two new apron patterns at Wal-mart last night. CUTE CUTE. Also ordered one from Shabby Fabrics. This one. I have to try and get some sewing done soon. I am doing some aprons for Christmas gifts and need to get on it. I will try to get you a recipe posted later today. Have a SUPER Saturday!


Today is the big day.

Husband’s first leg of his travels today has begun. He is in flight at this very moment from Tunis to Paris. He will have what amounts to “just enough” time in Paris and then will be on his way to Atlanta, if all flights are on time, about 7 a.m. The flight from Paris to Atlanta is a very long 9 hour flight. I can only imagine how anxious I will be. Last time he traveled things weren’t as tense around airports.

So yes is is 3 a.m. and I am up. Not able to sleep – tummy troubles – probably due to being a little stressed about Husband’s traveling. Plus Little Man got into fire ants while out helping me pick, what ended up being 30 pounds, of tomatoes yesterday between rain showers. So we have had to apply itch medicine to the stings every few hours. If you dont have fire ants be so very thankful. They are horrible.


Our swimming was canceled yesterday and the Michelles brought the food here and we enjoyed a meal and Grandson as well. Oldest Son surprised us with a visit yesterday afternoon. And before you write me nasty notes about letting a child climb in a dryer, I know, I know. I didn’t LET him. Who knew that was a favorite place of his??? Now we do, and keep the laundry room door closed.


I only wish I had a picture of the day he opened the VERY full “old fashioned screwed down” pencil sharpener in our school room and poured all the shavings onto the wood floors and then sat in it and rubbed his hands until he was completely covered. I had to bleach my bathtub after bathing him!

By the way…here is our schoolroom all neat and clean.


After this picture was taken we moved a sofa under that window and added a floor lamp – a bit of a reading nook. During this end of year packing up, I boxed 7-8 boxes of books to be stored. Yes, I should probably donate them somewhere but it is very very hard for me to let go of books.

I have been going over in my head what I want to cook for Husband the first few days he is home and trying to get back on a normal schedule. First thing tomorrow when he wakes up is a FULL breakfast…eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, coffee and orange juice. And if I can get into town today and pick up a ham, he will have a slice of ham or two as well. I am thinking of cooking a roast for tomorrow night. He loves beef roast, seared and then cooked in a slow oven for several hours and then at the end add potatoes and carrots to the pot. However, I might sear it and then put it in the crockpot so we can not worry about it until time to eat and can nap and watch movies all day.

Oh…Amy B, your package is ready to go out in today’s mail…so you should have it either Saturday or Monday…let me know when it arrives.

I will be doing another giveaway very VERY soon…this time…a BOOK!!! So, stay tuned.

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