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I interrupt your regularly scheduled recipe…


Dear Ottawa,

I was so very sad to hear of the violence and loss of life in your great city today. It is hard to understand for most of us how there is so much hate, especially towards such a peaceful place. It felt oddly personal to me.

Only a little over two years ago you welcomed our daughter Hannah into your city, your way of life. You offered her a place at Carleton University, kept her safe and relatively warm. You gave her  a place to learn things she might not have learned, meet people she most certainly would not have met, made her love the free spirit of the Canadian people, your language, your food. You are the real home of her beloved hockey. You allowed her to make herself at home in your city for most of a year.

We missed her but enjoyed visiting her and taking in the sights, sounds and tastes of your fine city.  I am afraid you stole her heart and in turn part of mine. She loves you. She will return one day.  That I have no doubt of.  I also have no doubt you will welcome her back with open arms.  I thank you for all of those things.

I send my sincerest heartfelt condolences for the loss of life today.  Senseless violence in a place that is normally pristine and peaceful.  I don’t know if I was moved to tears today more because of the acts or the fact that the acts stole something from Hannah.  Maybe she doesn’t feel that way but as her mother, I do.  I have no doubt that Ottawa will return to it’s usual peacefulness soon but your new normal won’t be the same normal you knew yesterday. But you will endure and remain strong.  You will continue to be trustworthy and trusting, welcoming, warm, friendly and you will eventually feel peace again.

I admire your attention to your people and their welfare and what they will need after this tragedy.  Your universal healthcare will provide counseling and grief support for those affected by the violence today.  I continue to think of the young mother pushing her baby’s stroller when the gunman ran past her. I imagine how she froze in that moment, not breathing or moving for fear he would actually see her and take aim at her and her child. She will need all the help you can offer.  I think of the soldier’s family who never anticipated that something so horrific would happen to him when he was not in a battle zone, but in the heart of  a beautiful, safe city just steps from Parliament.  How thankful you  must be that House of Commons Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers was quick to respond and stop the gunman before more were injured or killed.

You certainly have much to be thankful for ~ but much to be proud of as well.  My own country’s media could take notes on how your media handled today’s episode.  Tasteful, factual coverage.

Well wishes to the people of Ottawa and beyond as you gather information and work to prevent this kind of thing from happening again and heal from what has happened.

With warmest regards,