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Tree-hugging (and Testy) Tuesday

So after my promise to post a little something (almost) everyday, my internet has been down since last night! That’s how things go sometimes.

Back in the day when I was a regular blogger Tuesdays were designated Tree-hugging Tuesday. In fact I designated a theme for each day of the week. And it worked well so I think going back to those self-imposed guides will help me stay on track.  I found this yesterday and found it fascinating.  I will be in New England in October, and Plymouth is one of the planned destinations and I think visiting one of the first fruit trees planted in America would be pretty great. You can click here and read the article.


I will post my own pictures if I get to make a pilgrimage.  Get it?  Plymouth, pilgrims, pilgrimage?  A little lame?? oh well.

It will take me a while to get back in the blogging habit and I hope you will bear with me.  To set aside time to do it AND find something interesting to tell you.

Have a great Tuesday filled with peace and love.



National Apron Day Giveaway!

Oh yeah, I said the ‘g’ word again!  GIVEAWAY!  In honor of National Wear Your Apron Day, 11May2009 which is the Monday after Mother’s Day this  is going to be a special giveaway!  So here goes.  Leave me a comment, tell me a little something about your favorite apron and if indeed you plan to wear it ALL day on National Apron Day…everywhere ~ work, home, shopping, WHERE EVER you go!

Oh come one, you and I both know it won’t be the most unusual thing you wore in public? I have gone barefoot, in my pjs…I have changed clothes in parking lots, moving vehicles, once when I was 13 or so, and streaking was a big deal (yeah, I am THAT old), some of my girlfriends and I ran down the street (about 5 blocks) and I do mean down as in DOWN TOWN, at midnight, stripped to our underwear (we werent as brave as we thought), stood in front of the flagpole, placed our hands over our hearts (and training bras!) and sang the Star Spangled Banner. So technically, I have been in town in my underwear.  Heck I wore a half a roll of toilet paper to the zoo once!  Not intentionally mind you.  I went to a VERY dark bathroom at the zoo, did the whole “please, please dont let me accidentally touch anything in here” stance and somehow, didnt actually tear the paper when I used it.  So as I walked out I had a LONG stream of paper trailing behind me.  Michele, her girls and my kids found it VERY amusing and really thought it might be the highlight of the trip until I nearly got killed (slight exaggeration) by the beautiful white Bengal tiger.  That actually ended up being the highlight.  Oh, and just in case you ever need to know this, DO NOT MAKE eye contact with a big cat.  They see it as a sign of aggression.  This would have been nice to know before hand.

But back to business.  Tell me your story.  And thank goodness I have TWO HUGE mason jars, ’cause I’m gonna need both!  Oh wait…I will need three…there will be ANOTHER very important announcement tomorrow…something you really won’t want to miss.  Anywho, like I said, leave me a comment, tell your friends, post it on your blog, shout it from the rooftops!  And here is a button to use if you like!


Come on now, won’t this be fun.  OH I forgot to tell you about this particular apron giveaway…its for a VINTAGE apron…doesn’t that make it a little sweeter??? It does to me!  Happy Wednesday Everyone!  And Happy Earth Day! Have a great one!


I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Kelly. I actually maybe one of those who LOVES tags…though I dont always find time to do them…I try.

Here are the rules of the game:

1. When you are tagged you are asked to list eight random facts about yourself and post them on your blog for visitors to enjoy.

2. Tag eight of your blogging friends and leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to join in the fun if they have the opportunity. (If not, that’s okay. They can still enjoy the random facts everyone shares 🙂 Be sure to list a link to your eight friends in your posting.

My random facts…

1. I have never been to Rome, Italy.


2. I really did wear overalls everyday for 3+ years. And still do a LOT.  Dang I have aged!  I need to grow my pigtails back!!!sbdbw




3. I can’t sleep well unless I am cold. (I dont guess I really have a picture for this one)

4. I went to Paris and didnt see the Mona Lisa!
monalisa5. I have an obsession with cupcakes.  They are perfect little desserts to be dressed up or down.

6. I hate clowns with the fire of a thousand suns.  There is not ONE THING funny about a clown. I will take this picture down soon or I wont be able to visit my own blog!

7. I talked to Harry Connick, Jr. on the phone once. H.O. T.

8. I am very deathly allergic to beef…which sucks.


Okay, now it’s your turn. Tag! You’re it! Anyone and everyone consider yourself tagged!  Come on play along.

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