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Man, I hate being right.

First words out of Husband’s mouth this morning after “Good Morning” — “You were right, I am not going to finish all the living room before Christmas.”  I just said “I know.”  I am not the least bit upset or surprised.  It is looking so perfect, there is no way to rush this quality of craftsmanship.  Plain and simple.  He said “I know you are upset.”  Nope, not even a smidgen. It is so beautiful how could I be upset?  The end where our tree will go will be finished and the white wall on the opposite end will get finished after the festivities.  It is to be a HUGE wall of book cases and all the books are packed and in a storage facility so no rush.  Here’s a little peek.


I didnt realize how much I loved oak until it was up on this end of the room.  More pictures when it is all finished.

I have soap to deliver today to a local shoppe that has been selling my soap since I began in 1999.  Yep I have been at this a long time.  And believe it or not, I sold out of Farmgirl Clean™ almost as soon as I put it on the website.  So I have to make more and more and more!

I have aprons cut out and I will do quite a bit of sewing today as well.

On Friday we have tickets to see The Shreveport Little Theater production of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” !


One of our all time favorite books – we are excited!  A few other homeschoolers and the children’s librarian from our local library are going to meet up.

Gotta run, Husband is hooking up our new, improved, faster, modem, thingy.  See you all again soon…with some recipes and pictures of aprons!


Making Soap Like a Mad Woman!

I have made 21 batches in the past three days…cooked, done laundry, and even worked on cleaning up my shoppe!  So I am taking a little break and thought I would share a photo or two with you.  I wish I had time to type up a couple of recipes but that will have to be later on in the week. AND we are having our Thanksgiving next Saturday since Husband has to leave on Monday morning at the crack of dawn.  Or before actually.

And tomorrow I am going to sew a good bit.  I have a couple of apron orders to get out.  PLUS I have got to finish my cookbooklet.  Have any of you figured out how to get more hours out of a day??? I sure need to!

Rachel made herself a lightbox.  Yeah, I didnt know what that was either.  But it is to take “professional” still life photos.  Pretty good I think.  She made it from a cardboard box, tissue paper and a piece of poster board.  Oh and of course Duct Tape.  You pretty much have to have Duct Tape to build anything. Right?


So my week will be busy but I will check in with you and post a couple of things as I have time.  OH and I have to post my Spicy/Smokey Cheddar Cracker recipe…they were so SO yummy.  Here’s a picture of them…recipe as soon as I can get it typed up!


I have to make Husband a ton of stuff to take back to work with him…this is one of those things.  If I have already told you this please disregard!  I am so busy I dont know what I have told you!  Tuesday I will make his fudge, Wednesday Chipotle Party Mix,  Saturday our Thanksgiving, and then next Sunday will be spent baking cookies and getting him ready for his trip back to work.  When he comes back in it will be Christmas.  I can’t believe it.  I have to get busy!!!

Talk to you all real soon, I promise!


Farmgirl Clean™ is back in stock!

Just a quick note to let you know Farmgirl Clean™ is back in stock in my webshoppe.  Also, my line of products made exclusively fro MaryJanesFarm will be available on her website November 19th!

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