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Happy Friday Everyone!

I have a few announcements for you this morning…

First I think my life is getting back to a bit of a normal pitch.  It was a rough couple of weeks but I think we are moving along now.  Like I said before when I am at liberty to reveal the details I will, but know everyone is well and gathering their ducks to get them in a row.

Second, I started a forum I would like to tell you about.   Just follow this banner and see if you think you would like to join.


AND I have three  FANTASTIC giveaways coming up in December.

On December 4th I will be giving away a copy of my cookbook NotQuiteJuneCleaver Bakes a Pie to one lucky winner and a copy of my calender to another – so two winners on one day! How to enter?  Same old way I will announce “let the fun begin” tomorrow and you will have until next Friday to enter under that post.  Then as soon as that drawing is done on December 11, I will announce the third one is underway with a winner being picked on December 18. This one is a very special giveaway that deserves the proper presentation so you will just have to wait to find out.  But lets say if you love aprons, retro, crafting, holidays…you will love this giveaway!

AND I will have in my possession in just a few days a box of my cookbooks, so if you want a copy personalized or sent as a gift, email me.  There will be a limited supply of the first shipment.

ALSO, I will have an announcement this weekend about a new venture I am participating in with other online biznisses – so check back.

Okay, I think that is it.  Watch for a giveaway announcement tomorrow…and much more just down the road.

Hope you all had a happy turkey day and we will talk again real soon!


NotQuiteJuneCleaver BAKES A PIE is ready and waiting!


You can click on the picture to order your copy! If you would like to personalize your book, please email me  your name, address and if the book is for you or a gift and will get a signed bookplate right out to you.  NotQuiteJuneCleaver BAKES A PIE would make a great gift too! And don’t forget to order your copy of my 2010 calendar. Click on the calendar to order yours!




Hint, hint.

So, we are on schedule for the big surprise interview and giveaway this coming Sunday, the 15th.  I wanted to whet your appetites a bit this morning and say I am still here, just incredibly busy.  Its that time of the year, you know.  The holidays are here.  We are baking.  And opening my shoppe again.  And finishing the pie book.  And this was one of the busiest times home Husband has had in a while and the next one won’t be less busy that’s for sure.  OH…yeah, the hint I promised.  Um…let’s see….


If you know aprons at all, you will know my guest.  But not as well as you will AFTER the interview!  Also this is the most amazing giveaway I have ever done! The time for entering to win will be a whopping 10 days long.  With reminders along the way and plenty of reasons and ways to get more than one entry in the VERY famous mason jar.  One more hint, there will be a vintage apron included in this amazing giveaway package…but with more strings than just apron strings attached!

So there you have it.  A couple of hints.  I hope you are as excited as I am.  Well, you can’t be because you don’t know all I know about it!  But you do NOT want to miss this!

I wanted also to invite any of you interested to join me on facebook. Just type in NotQuiteJuneCleaver in the search bar and that should take you there.

You might have noticed no recipes Friday.  Or maybe you didn’t 😉 Simply put, I was too busy.  You might find that hard to believe but it was true.  These past few weeks have been full.  Fun but full.  I will have recipes for you Friday.  I announced some changes to Friday Baking with NotQuiteJuneCleaver but the lack of recipes wasnt one of them.  You will have recipes this coming Friday.

Let’s see what else. Guess that is it for this morning.  I’ll be back. Real soon. Have a great day.

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