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Welcome to Friday Baking With NotQuiteJuneCleaver Redux!

This post today is to go over the “rules and regulations” for participating in this hopefully fun reintroduced event! I will do my very best to make things easy and clear AND FUN to those who choose to play along.


  1. Each Friday (beginning 5 June 2009) I will post TWO recipes for everyone to read and decide if they want to try either, both or neither. One will be sweet and one not.
  2. If you decide you want to participate, you will have until the next Friday, when the new recipes are posted, to notify me via a comment on the original recipe post that you have made one or both and blogged about it or them.
  3. When you notify me that you have made the recipe(s) and blogged, I will visit your blog and leave you a comment to let you know I have seen your post or posts and added your name to my mason jar for each recipe you post about. You may make more than one comment of course, if you make more than one of the recipes. Please note that if you don’t let me know by the next Friday before 8 am CST I can’t add your name to the jar for the old recipes. The new set of recipes will be posted by 9am that same morning.
  4. For every recipe you try and blog about, you will have your name added to the jar. For example if you make and blog about all the recipes for June, then your name will be added 8 times. If you choose to make one a week then you will have 4 entries. If you skip a week…no biggy. You can try the next week.
  5. On the last day of each calendar month after 12 noon CST I will draw a name and that person will receive a prize package. So obviously, the more you participate, the better your chances. And the package will vary from month to month. Some of my favorite things! Vintage, cooking related and always an apron…always!
  6. After the winner’s name is drawn, and notified and I have received their address, I will discard all the names for the month and we will start over with the next Friday’s participants.
  7. I set the particular times so things can stay straight when the last day of the month happens to fall on Friday. I will refresh everyone’s mind at the end of each month when we end a series of challenges, draw a winner and are ready to start a new series.
  8. The winner will receive their prize package from me the next week (or a little longer if you live out of country).
  9. Some months the Fridays may fall as to have more or less opportunities to participate.
  10. Your participation is purely voluntary and you may join or un-join at anytime. I will not keep up with who is participating until you let me know to add your name to the mason jar per the instructions above.
  11. It does not cost you a thing except time and your ingredients and efforts to participate.
  12. Lastly, I reserve the right (since the is my blog after all;) ) to cancel this event either permanently or temporarily if I have reason to. For example if my brother decides to have another heart surgery and I am needed. This is not supposed to be hard, or a source of aggravation for anyone, including me! It is suppose to be fun! And a way for us to connect, share recipes, and baking experiences and maybe learn a little something. If you think it will be fun then PLEASE join me!

Now that all that is out of the way, I HOPE SO MUCH that I made it clear. But please if I didn’t let me know! I will be posting the rules and DATES on a separate page late today.

If you have gotten this far I have a request completely unrelated. My sister in law (wife to the brother that just had heart surgery) lost a nephew in a tragic car accident last night that claimed the life of two other young men and maimed a fourth. My girls knew some of these young men from work and simply because we live in a very small community. I know their parents. This kind of horror happens far too often here. Last night was a bad night to be on the road. We had bad weather and due to overcast skies it was exceptionally dark. There were actually 3 accidents last night within hours of each other. Two involved 18-wheelers and cows on the road…within a few miles of each other. The third that claimed the lives of these kids was on another dangerous stretch of highway in another part of the parish. When my son called me this morning at 6:30 to tell me about the accidents, and said the last name of one of the boys, I hoped it was not my sister in law’s nephew but I really wondered since it is not a common last name around here. Then I got a beep and I knew. I don’t get many calls before 8 am. I really am so sorry for their loss and just wanted to remind everyone to appreciate your kids extra today because a mom I know has lost her son and it could have been any one of us in her place.


The best thing since sliced bread.

Charlie Browns made with Sunflower Seed Butter! Oh my they are just heavenly! You can find the recipe for Charlie Browns here.  Just substituted the sunflower seed butter for the  dreaded peanut butter.


Speaking of sliced…

I sliced some cukes, some granny smiths and made a LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL refrigerator pickle.  Don’t they look just so good???pickles1

In 24 hours, if they taste as good as they look I will post the recipe.

Happy Thursday everyone! Here is your thought for the day:

No man can be wise on an empty stomach. – George Eliot

I am going to eat another Charlie Brown.  I might have to rename them huh?


Thoughtful Thursday

I am trying to keep my chin up today.  It might be a little difficult.  My phone rang at 4 am this morning.  It was Husband.  His flight out of  Tunis had been canceled and he was waiting on the next one…something about birds damaging the plane upon landing or something.  I don’t know – all I heard was I will be Friday getting home.  Then my ears started ringing and my eyes watering.  I am THANKFUL he didnt get on the plane only to find out after the fact it was damaged, you know?  But still.  I am disappointed to say the least.  I am fairly certain he caught the next flight and he will spend the night in Paris and head home, same flights just different day.  I am anxious to hear that he made it to Paris safe and sound. His plane should land any minute.  I suppose if you have to get stuck somewhere, there are much worse places than Paris!

I am preparing some other posts for today since my whole day’s schedule has been changed.  And I will try to be more cheerful in them!

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