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Tunisia In His Rearview Mirror…

So Husband is home and we couldnt be happier.  He had quite the adventure and is certainly not sorry for that!  I think the highlight of his trip home was seeing Greenland from the plane.  You know these country folk from way down South really never anticipated much adventure.  So this is welcome.  And to get paid to go…instead of paying to go makes it a  sweeter yet.  Here are a few pictures of his trip.  Husband has lots more to share with us but for now he is semi-rested and well fed.  Porter House steaks night before last and ribs on the bar-be last night.  I made him a coconut cream pie, chocolate chip cookies and brownies  and had two very fresh loaves of white bread waiting for him. OH…and ice for his drinks.   I will tell you more later…but wanted to share some pictures.


This is a town close to Tunis.


This is the landscape surrounding the area.  Very desert like with mountains.


This is a photo of the streets of Sfax.


This is the wall around Medina. Medina is the old part of Sfax where the open air market is held.

And below are some pictures of the ornate workmanship of the region.

This is a mosaic wall


A building in Sfax.


And two  of my favorite pictures…the miles and miles of olive trees and the Market at Medina…can you just smell the spices???


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