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A belated welcome to March!

I read blogs and I see such creativity and beauty and honesty.  That’s what I want you to see when you come here.  It used to be.  I used to have some really great things to offer.  What happened?  No, I am really asking.  What happened?  NotQuiteJuneCleaver is just sad.  Not me, NotQuiteJuneCleaver but this blog NotQuiteJuneCleaver.  Sad. Sad. Sad.  Neglected.  And I miss what it used to be.  So, change is in order I suppose.  This blog is not magic.  It cannot change itself.  It cannot write itself.  It can’t read my mind.  So I suppose it could be said that it is my fault.  I mean, if we are assigning blame.

I think my state of mind, of being is reflected in the last two years of blog posts – or the lack of blog posts.  At one time I had as many as 20K hits a week.  Unbelievable.  Well I suppose I could just say that was yesterday, this is today and close up and go home.  But I don’t want to. I want to create and share.  I want to write and share.  I want to be a part of this big old world that has been made smaller by bloggers.  We can meet for coffee and conversation without traveling across the globe.  We can make friends that we would never have had the opportunity to meet.  Sometimes we even have the opportunity to meet new found friends in person. Sometimes with mixed results.  But our lives are made richer all the same.

I miss doing interviews and bringing women I admire to you, my readers.  I miss doing contests and giveaways.  I miss doing reviews of good (and bad) movies and books.

So with all the changes my life has seen in the past two years, NotQuiteJuneCleaver got left behind.  I feel really bad about that.  Honest and truly.  So…here we go again – I hope you will continue to check in, subscribe to my blog, comment when you can and I hope to bring lovely things to you again and again and again.

HAPPY MARCH! This month will bring great changes to my life.  A move to the city.  WOW.  I still can’t believe that.  “Tis true.  The movers will be here on the 20th.  Lots and LOTS of things to do before then.  Lots of giveaways will result.  March will be a very busy time for me so I am going to approach a few old friends to see if they would guess blog for me to not only bring lovely things to you but to help me get back in the groove.

Much peace and love to you all and thanks for stopping by.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Congrats Cindy B!  Your name was drawn and as soon as I get your mailing address I will get this right out to you!

Thanks for everyone who participated!


Happy Hometown Harvest Giveaway Day!


Your last chance to leave a comment and a chance to win today is at noon CST.  If you leave a comment after that THANK YOU I will approve them but your name won’t go in the drawing.  I will announce the winner, hopefully by 2 pm and if you are watching and waiting like I know you are and you can get me your mailing address info by tonight I can slip your book in the mail before I leave for Vermont.  If not, I will mail it while on my trip.  THANK each of you for visiting and GOOD LUCK!

Hometown Harvest

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