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Meet Jane Addams (September 6, 1860 – May 21, 1935)

No not of THAT Addams family.  Though I do love Morticia.  A lot.  This is one of those spectacular woman in history that we never were told about.  Or at least I wasn’t.  To be honest, I wasn’t told about much history of any kind.  My education sucked.  Not joking. I wish I could say to you I think my meds have erased that memory but I fear I never had it.  How?  How did I not know about her?

I mean the woman was the first American woman to be award the Nobel Peace Prize.  And I didn’t know she ever lived or what she did.  I am not only ashamed of my education, I am ashamed I don’t know more about the women who have shaped the world I have raised my kids in.

Better than me just giving you facts about a woman I knew nothing about until this morning, look her up for yourselves.  She is worth getting to know.  I found her wiki page fascinating and I just ordered a used copy of this book:


So I will leave you this Friday to go about the tons of things I need to get done before company arrives for the last weekend before Jerry goes back to work.  I vowed to write every day and then quickly fell down on that promise.  Such is my life.  Good intentions.  Poor execution.  BUT guess what is coming up VERY VERY SOON! A Gooseberry Patch review and giveaway! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!!!  I am excited! Can you tell?

See you all soon.  Love and Peace to each of you.



Thirty-six years ago today…

I married my best friend.  So no post today. Back tomorrow…love you all, but love him more 🙂



NotQuiteJuneCleaver is back!

Seriously, stop shaking your heads.  I am.  Really.  For sure.  And to start this week of “being back” off right, I am going to show you something I came up with this morning.  And if it isn’t a new idea, don’t burst my bubble.  Pretty please?  It is a simple little repurposing of a lid I used back in my Dahlem’s Soapworks days for mason jar lotions.  Just flip it over and ONE kiss comes out at a time! Ta Da!


See you peeps tomorrow.  And my goal is every day at least say hello and share what I have going on, no matter how boring!

Love and peace to you all.


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