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Happy National Cookie Day! Cookbook Project Announcement!


If you will all send me your favorite cookie recipe with a photo if possible, I will put them altogether into a cookie book via PDF file and upload it so you can all have a copy.  Won’t this be fun!?  Come on let’s all make it happen.  So many times we get pumped about something and don’t finish it! Like where in the world is the round robin letter??? Or photos for November??? Not a one! Come on peeps help me out here! Send your recipe and photo to notquitejunecleaveratgmaildotcom. Of course you know to replace the at with a @ and the dot with a .

HEY I HAVE A GREAT IDEA! I tell you what, I will make this super easy.  December’s photo theme is COOKIES!  So send a recipe WITH a photo and you have killed to birds with one stone!  I will pick a winner from the cookie photos sent in! Can it be any easier?  Play along here…I need some inspiration! And let me bait you a bit more.  There will be a prize other than a very cool cookie book from Not Quite June Cleaver & Friends and a $20 Snapfish gift certificate.  I will throw in a one of a kind Not Quite June Cleaver Apron, handmade by yours truly.

The deadline is the same as the photo contest – last day of the month.  I will begin working on the cookie booklet as soon as the entries start arriving.  Then the first week of January I will announce the winner and finish up the booklet and and upload the pdf file so you can all have a copy!

Okay, there you have it! Let’s kick of December the right way!  Join the fun!  Have a great weekend.


It really can’t be Thursday and where did September get off to?

Tomorrow is October 1st.  2010.  How did we get here?  I mean seriously, somewhere I feel like I have misplaced about 6-7 years!  I am not going to bore you with what all is not going on in my head this morning.  No need in just talking to hear my head rattle as I like to tell my kids when I am talking and I don’t think they are listening.  It’s been a busy week and now Thursday has arrived and I have lots of work to do.  On top of that tomorrow is a trip to the dr for both Jerry and me – just check ups but it means we will be out all day.  No point in driving 75 miles one way and not shopping right?

I want to pick up a few more pumpkins.  I really can’t believe I didn’t plant pumpkins this year. I always plant pumpkins.  And man, do I miss them.  It is probably good to let the patch rest a season anyway.  I am going to work today to get most of my Autumn decorations put out and see what I might need to find tomorrow besides pumpkins.  I really want a weather vane witch but haven’t made the plunge.


Why do they always make the witches look cranky?  And in need of rhinoplasty?  Not all witches have big warty noses.

I do love me some Hallowe’en/Fall decorating. Of course I leave my witches out all year.  I have been collecting witches for a long LONG time.  When we married, Jerry’s mom gave me a kitchen witch to hang in my kitchen and in those 33 years I have collected about 12 or so more. So truly my kitchen is full of kitchen witches!  And I just got a picture from my friend Marie I will frame and hang…isn’t she just the cutest little witch?


Click on Marie’s name above and it will take you to her LOVELY blog and then look for her etsy link.  She’ has the cutest things there!

Maybe I will have to make some photos as I get my house all Hallowe’ened up!  Maybe thru the month of October I should not only share pictures but some of our traditions.  That might be fun.

I have got to get up from this computer and get busy!  You all have a wonderful, wonderful Thursday and don’t forget to enter to win the socks from yesterday.  Drawing will be Saturday!


Sneak Peek at the Toile Apron for Kelly (shhhhh, don't tell her)

I have the apron ready to mail.  And planned to mail it Monday BUT I just got an email from the author of French General Home Sewn and she is sending me a autographed book plate for the book soooo..I think that is worth the wait, which should only be a day or two longer or maybe I will just mail it separate.  Who knows it may come in Monday’s mail and then there will be NO wait.  toileaprongiveaway

Also thought you might like to see one of my many latest acquisitions from etsy.  Just so you know, etsy is addictive.


Isn’t that the most cleaver watch band ever?  Especially for someone who loves to sew! Check it out here.

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